Anyone tried the Xootr crossrack?

I’m considering a Xootr Scooter to live in the house so
non-unicycling adults can come out with me on the sidewalks
of San Francisco.

I was intrigued on the xootr website by a bicycle
rack they have that might be perfect for unicycles:

Has anyone tried it? or have thoughts on whether it’ll work?
It might beat getting sweaty from a rucksack.

Here’s their rubric:

The Crossrack system allows you to mount a standard bicycle bag to almost any bicycle. Your cargo is centered on your bike and mounted in your slipstream to reduce wind resistance. The Crossrack system takes advantage of the ample space right behind you, especially on bicycles with small wheels, and puts your bag just where you want it. The Crossrack system is the result of more than three years of testing and refinement by our engineers who commute by bicycle and who sought the best everyday cargo solution.

Haven’t tried that but it sure looks useful.

I have a similar set-up because I hate using a pack on a uni for obvious reasons also. It really does the trick and doesn’t throw my balance off in the least.

I wonder if that you mentioned is capable of holding even larder bags.

You just have to calculate where the lowest corner of the bag will be in relation to the tire. You want a nice gap there, with no possibility of friction. So it might be tough on a Coker, but should be easier on smaller-wheeled unicycles.