anyone see this?

it was at unicon 14 im sure alot of you already know about it.

cool, but too bad he didn’t stick the landing.

[RIGHT]At 1:04 he sticks it.

Please use the search function, this has been posted multiple times before.[/RIGHT]

cool, Thanks petad, He was so close in that first vid I thought there had to be on somewhere that he sticks it.

How do you learn how to do something like that? start off landing in a pool?

I saw a longer video with him trying it and eventually landing it, and he said after that if you can do a normal frontflip (from some height), you can pretty much try it on a uni and not have too disasterous a time.

It would be safter to try it somewhere other than concrete, but if the only hard part (for those who can do a front flip already) is the landing then it won’t do you any good.

There’s a write-up re the progression of skills called ‘Le Flip’ in Uni Magazine #6, many months of training - definitely worth a read before you have a crack at it!


there is other videos on youtube where he lands it. i didnt think it was possable until i saw this vid.

You probably saw this video:

[RIGHT]i don’t think it was clean enough, jk i wish i had half as much skill as him. Mad Props.[/RIGHT]

Unfortunately he didn’t quite make it within his actual Street Comp run. It was his “last trick” but you only get two tries. He got it on the third. Here are my skills, from a very similar spot to that second linked video clip.

He did the first try before last trick so it counted for judging (on try in the regular time and two tries for last trick).

I didn’t realize that. If true, it adds a new level of awesomeness to the feat! Clearly, the crowd thought it was huge either way. It was very cool to have been there for that.

Yes most people didnt saw it, but I was a judge so we had to count exaktly ;). Otherwise it would be crazy if he had won because except of the front flip his run was not much more then average. In the quali run only the first two tries counted and he tried it 4 times but never made it.

I did a front flip with my 26" muni a couple of weeks ago.
Unfortunatley it was off the side of a steep hill and I landed in a load of brambles. The good thing was that they stopped me sliding down the hill but the bad thing was that they did this by digging thorns into my flesh in about 100 places.:smiley: