Anyone near Santa Clara, CA want to ride this weekend?

I’ll be in the Santa Clara/San Fransisco Bay area this weekend and I’ll have my trials unicycle. I’m not sure at what time I’ll be able to get together on any day because it depends on my sister’s schedule, but I get there thursday night so I have all of Friday, Saturday, and 90% of Sunday to plan a ride. I’ll try to work with whatever time is best for you. If anyone is able to get together for trials, street, or MUni it would make my weekend 10x better.

I know it’s a bit late and you don’t have a ton of warning, but I’m still hoping someone is free sometime this weekend.

If there’s any chance of you being free to ride, I’ll PM you my phone #.

We have several rides that we are probably going to do this weekend. Probably mainly muni on Sat, and a long distance ride on Sun. I could be convinced to take a trails break at the course at my house. Want to come over on Saturday sometime?

feel free to email me, or the santa cruz / bay area muni list.

cd at bluetreesoft dot com.


And if you want to ride friday at lunch we can do simple trails around cupertino (1 infinite loop, is my work address).


Thanks for the info! I sent out an e-mail to the list but haven’t gotten anything back yet. I’ll probably know when I’m free by tonight, so I’ll e-mail you when I can meet up.

Sounds great, but I’m still trying to work out a good time.