OC Harbor unicycle ride

Hi all SoCal unicyclists,

This Sunday at 3:30 we are having a unicycle ride starting at Creekside park in Dana Point and going down to Dana Point Harbor. We will get pizza at Beach Cities pizza. It should be a fun ride! The park is located on Stone Hill on the inland side between Del Obispo and the freeway in San Juan Capistrano. To get there take the 5 freeway south to Camino Capistrano and take that towards the ocean. Make a right on Stonehill and the park will be on the right hand side. It has a big rock climbing wall. We will be riding along the bike trail to the harbor. There are places to play around and do tricks. Please write or call with any questions and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all there.

Adam Brody
Orange County Unicyclists

awesome. can’t wait. we should do another bonfire again soon.


Sorry, I’d love to be there but I can’t make it. I’ll be going up north.

Sounds like fun, as of now I think I will attend. I get off work at 130 so I should be able to shoot down there. Providing I dont get suckered into any other gigs until then…

im there if i can hitch a ride with cody. you should come too spence. im sure we can get you along the way.

Happy birthday, dude!

haha thanks.

if you come i gotta see the CF frame.

Wish I could make it, it sounds like fun!

for sure. have you rode this before. should i bring it on my trials wheel or my street wheel?

ah cmon terry. we havnt rode together since balboa park back in the day.

i am really used to doing street on a trials wheel and i do do a lot of trials so bring your trials wheel. and i have never ridden it before.

Hey Jarin, long time no see man! You’re the King of the rolling high jumps! Yeah, I’ll be at least 100 miles north of you guys for the whole weekend, in Simi and San Fernando Valley’s. Then I may be going to South Mtn the next weekend.

Hope you all have a blast! I’ve done the Dana Point ride with the OC group several times, and also the Uni Bon fires, and they were always great fun, nt to mention our MUni get-togethers at Whiting Ranch and Aliso Woods! :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice day for a ride tommorow. Please call or e-mail with any questions


Ok so so far the plan seems to be that im grabbin Spence and Jarin at UCLA and rockin the rides with yallz

Awesome. Can’t wail till this afternoon.

It was a fun ride! Does anyone have some video from this. Thanks to everyone who came.

yes. there are some clips from there in jarins prototype vid here

and there is also some footage shot by a guy who was watching us at the jetty.


Cool he got the one clip of my cheatin my way up the whole rock section :-D. I had a great time with yallz, thanks for the hospitality and the great ride through town, you made the drive worth while =)