Anyone know where I can get a German Wheel?

Does anyone know where I can get a German wheel? Yeah, I know they’re expensive, and I know they (for the most part) need to be custom built.



what do you mean with “german wheel” is this something special?

He wants german bangers squewered on the spokes for his BBQ. :slight_smile:

A german wheel? Would it probably be accesed from possibly… Germany! What is it?

For those of you without access to google: :slight_smile:

I forgot about googling it, they look cool, but I have no idea where you could get one, except ebay. There is bound to be a supplier on the internet though.

Design it yourself and contact a local welding shop.

I suspect aluminum of some sort would be the alloy of choice.

While that doesn’t look terribly dangerous, it occurs to me you could remove some teeth with that thing.

It looks very dangerous to me !

It looks pretty easy to slip and have that thing roll over you. :astonished:

I didn’t google it, but I am fairly sure that it is custom made circus gear. The cost of shipping that thing would be pretty high. If you drew up plans, a local boat railing maker might be able to come up with something.


Anchor Circus Supply
P.O. Box 159
Anchor, IL 61720
+1 (309) 723-6435
c/o Steve Hammes

They had something like that that seems even cooler to me in cirque de soleil, (a newer show). It was like a one wheeled german wheel, pretty much just a big metal hoola hoop that people rode around.

Take a look at for information on the German Wheel, including its history.

Usually this ‘wheel’ is referred to as Rhönrad. This is what you should google for or use Wikipedia.


Apart from Germany you find it as a sport with championships also in Switzerland.

Ha, cool

I called anchor already. I guess I was more wondering if anyone here had one and had experience with ordering one.

Thanks to everyone who responded though!

To bring this one back from the dead…

I bought my german wheel through custom built circus equipment in ohio. I have nothing but good things to say about them they have built 2 circus rigs for us as well.

The big problem with german wheels is you have to get in machined to your height. You dont want a wheel too big or too small. They also can break the wheel up into sections so that you can fit it in the back of your honda per say.

Now I just wish I would learn more tricks on the damn thing.


contact info:

Custom Built Equipment, Inc.

Jake, Mary, Carl Conover
467 W Krepps Rd
Xenia, Ohio USA 45385-9350
(937) 372-7581

(or vid?)

Here’s one:
Halftime show at a Sacramento Kings game. That guy was really good, though this is only a short clip.