Anyone have the new Quax Street frame?

Does anyone have the new Quax Street Frame. Im intrested in getting one…What are they like?

I havn’t ridden it but I’ve seen it at FLUCK, it’s quite a nice frame, looks a bit like the black domina and KH frame in shape. However it’s a steel frame so it’s like twice as heavy. If you’re doing much standup tricks I guess its a good frame to have, I’m not into tech street or flatland so I don’t know if it would be good. It’s like 20 euro’s though so pretty cheap

Ok thanks. I want one.

It looks like it could mean pain for your knees.

I would so marry that frame.

I rode it breifly a few times at FLUCK. I didn’t bang my knees on it or anything, but I just rode it a short time.

Looks pretty bad for crown tricks. The kh is pretty terrible for crown tricks, this looks only a little better. Huge clearance, round front to back crown so sucky for your foot.

it still looks sick looking though, but yeah if its smooth like that it doesnt help either.

The frame isn’t knurled like the KH frame but comes with griptape, not visible on the picture.

is he talking about the cheap 207 buck qu-ax? You’d be a lot better getting the DX, its a step up for a little more.

its really not a step up, know things before you brandish them over the internet, the only thing you got right there was that its more!

and the guy at said to get the Quax because he said its better than the DX and he said the DX has problems.

That frame looks mad booty dawg…(I meant bad for anything get koxx or kh problem solved.)

too much clearance, i think they should make like 1/8" clearance for the monty tire on all of the frames, maybe even that much for a creepy crawler… clearance is a bad thing, we want"not rubbingness"

The knurled crown on the kh does absolutely nothing at all.

it raises the manufacturing costs which is passed on to we the consumers.

I wouldnt recamend getting the qu-ax, we had a thread discussion on this, and they said it was only made for 4-6 foot drops, where the DX has taken much more. The DX in 06 had a problem where the frame would always break the 07 version I only know of one ever braking it, and it was skrobo, who takes stuff off huge sets (13 sets ect…) always rolling hopping. I have an 06 DX or 07, idk which, but mine has not broken, and is not near it, I’ve had it for 7 months, and do huge drops on it, and many street tricks.

Random comment:
(ordered it on January an 06, I dont know which they sent me, some other ppl got 07’s when they ordered 06’s)

Look at this thread on it.

That thread is on the qu-ax cross/entry level unicycle.