Anyone ever hear of a Hawthorne Unicycle?

I’m going to look at one today and I can’t find any information on it!


I’ll be looking at buying a used “Hawthorne Unicycle” this afternoon. I assumed that Hawthorne was the manufacturer, but the only info I could find about Hawthorne was Hawthorne Bicycles that were made in the 30s. I’m crossing my fingers that this won’t be a rusted objet dart and I can learn how to ride on it.

ah right, though you were a spammer for a moment then :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t pay more than 50 bucks for it if its just a cheap starter uni…

cyclepro stopped using lolipop bearing holders, and one of those new is $55-don’t buy one of these if you have even a general idea of what riding style you want to do…unless its just general riding…great starter uni though…

k thanks! want to watch me on my XXX webcam? …just kidding…


glad to help

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Yay! You can’t tell from this pic, but the seat is more sparkly then my wildest dreams. Next thing I have to do is learn how to ride it.

Wow, a classic! Your seat was made by Messenger, the same company that made the Schwinn unicycle seats from 1967 - 1983. I have a few, but none are sparkly blue!

Hopefully you can raise the seat to get some proper leg extension. I don’t imagine you’re that short…

Thats trials seat hight! :smiley:

Well, I’m assuming that KitKit is standing there just behind the uni in that photo, so I’d say the seat wasn’t lowering a little bit actually :smiley:


Sweet uni, man!

Hawthorn (no - “e”) is my middle name.

That’s all.


That thing looks like the next thing to an antique. awesome :sunglasses:

crud…my dad owns the exact same uni, exept for the blue seat, it is around 35 years old.

Sadly, i got one of these lolipop bearing holder unicycle from cyclepro. It just happened to appear next to my car one night. I can’t ride it due to my height, but it would be perfect for a shorter person (child maybe?). I was looking to maybe fix it up a bit, but if its worthless, then I will keep it as is and let some kid learn on it.