Anyone done this trick?

Sombody post a video,I cant for the life of me comprehend how to do it.

Sounds cool.though.

okay, i tried it last night and it is very hard! next to impossible right now. show a video of what you’re doing…

yeah, iv done something like that.

i didnt think to change feet and keep going.

I’ve never seen anyone do it. And I’ve seen a lot. It will be cool to see it here!

that sounds possible, though very very very hard. I think the hardest part would be balancing on the crank while the wheel was turning.

It might be quite unicycle dependent as to the difficulty of this trick.

I’m on a KH24 so maybe a bigger wheel is easier?

i think the kind of uni is definately making it easier or harder. i was trying it on a 20 freestyle uni and it was near impossible.

Re: Anyone done this trick?

Looking throught old posts…

Seems possible to me, if I am imagining it correctly. I can’t seatdrag
or wheelwalk at all though, so it could be harder than I think.
Start with both feet on crank with right pedal forward, drop seat.
Move left foot to tire (you would probally need to place your toe lower
than the pedals on the wheel to get the wheel 180 in one pull/push)
untill right pedal is 180degrees around and in back.
I wouldn’t be able to picture this switch part going smoothly, but,
place left foot on left crank with pedal in front, and right on wheel,
and repeat.
Maybe maybe place your foot crooked on the crank and frame so it holds
the uni to the opposite side while riding. When you take your foot from
the tire, the uni should kick over, and you can catch it then.
Seems like it would be possible, maybe for more advanced riders, but
I can definantly see this being done.
Sorry I confused you…