Anyone done this trick?

Drop the seat in front so it hits the ground, you should also be standing on the cranks and not the pedals.

Next lift your leg from the back pedal and use it to push the wheel. the wheel can rotate 180 before the crank/pedal comes round and hits the back of your other foot.

So, you switch legs… and it kinda ends up like a single paddle kayak where you row for one paddle each side (unless you decide to change direction and go backwards).


what he means is…it’s like one foot wheel walking in seat push…damn pete, you explain things confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

confusing, specific, whats the difference?

one people can understand, and one they can’t. i do believe you fall into the latter category :stuck_out_tongue:

well it just saves people coming on and going like “but then where does your other foot go” and then people end up more confused anyway.

pffft. save your breath for cooling your porridge. this is of course, metaphorical breath that is used for typing, and other such computer communication. :thinking:

okay, i mean, ok

it’s a deal. see you this afternoon. 4pm at the brewery, be there or be squeer.

ok, are you gonna bring your togs?

if i am understanding the trick correctly the way you explained it, it sounds really hard, can you do it? i’m almost level 9 and doubt i could, i’ve never seen it done.

nah, I thought i’d just go fall off price waterhouse. might need my parachute. water is for pussies.

I’ll get the camera ready :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet. adios till this arvo.

I can do it up until the pedal hits me in the back of the leg. So yeah, it’s definitely, DEFINITELY possible. I’ve only tried once too.

hmm, sounds pretty neat, i’m going to try it tonight at practice!
i’ll let ya know how it goes.

so do you keep switching feet on the tire? one on the crank, the other on the tire, and then switch the feet to the opposite one on the tire?

awesome, I look forward to hearing about it!

That sounds really, really hard. It might be possible to learn it though, if you started out sitting on the seat, or at least seat in front, to get used to the awkward motion. Once you were adept at doing it seat out, you could learn it with the seat dragging. Doing it backward should also be possible with practice, and might even be easier.

And yeah, I guess keep switching… except now that I think about it, maybe it would be possible to do it without the switch, it would be hard because you’d have to somehow take the weight off your “crank foot” until the pedal comes round to the front again.

Momentarily have both feet on the wheel?

Not an easy trick my any stretch of the imagination.

It may be possible to do it as an idle first before learning it as a riding trick. I can imagine it being done as a kind of seat drag/one foot wheel walk/crank idle hybrid, though I can’t imagine it being easy. Maybe learning seat drag crank idle would be helpful…