Anybody try the Fidlock bottle system?

This looks super cool to me, but quite pricey for a bottle and holder. Could be perfect on a muni:

FIDLOCK Twist Bottle (Amazon link)

It looks great, but they sure are proud of it!

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So you cant use any cheap normmal bottles for this? You always have to buy this expesive and small bottles? Then I would not recommend to buy it. I mean, plastic bottles need to be exchanged regularly. Normally thats an investment of less than five bucks. Often I get new Bottles as giveaways at bike races. I’d not be willing to buy such an expensive bottle every season.

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Only just saw the price after Eric’s post! Really for a plastic bottle, couple of magnets and two cable ties!!

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A few years ago I tried using (I believe a slightly older version of) this bottle on both my muni and my 36": I wanted to try this bottle since bottles almost always fell out of a normal bottle holder during an UPD. I did had fewer problems with this bottle releasing during an UPD, but it still happened every so often.

Eventually I still had too many rides where I accidentally left the bottle behind after an UPD and had to backtrack to find it. Possibly this happened even more than with a normal bottle cage. Since with a normal bottle cage I was used to directly pick up my bottle after an UPD and therefore practically never left the bottle behind. But with this one it happened infrequently enough that it wasn’t my habit to check if it would still be attached. So after a year of using these I removed the bottle holders from my uni’s.

I’ve since invested in a quality backpack that, at least for my body size, is very comfortable to carry, and just take along water in it using either in a bottle or in an hydration pack. This is now my preferred option since I now also always have some snacks, tools, and extra layers available at all times.


Hey thanks for the details. Yeah, I am very quickly starting to dismiss any idea of a bottle cage on the uni. I’m going to use my cycling CamelBack-like backpack.

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No problem! The other main problem I also had with bottle cages was that I needed something like this to mount it on my 36”: But once in a while I had a crash where the seat of my uni would bump into the ground, and after a few times doing this the bracket would break from the bottles reaction force.

In practice water bottle cages are just designed to handle forces as experienced on a regular mountain bike, but these are of course different (in both scale and direction) than those experienced on a unicycle. If you never have an UPD then it’s likely to work, but for me it wasn’t.

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Yep, totally makes sense.

This is my solution, 3” diameter PVC pipe cut in half with an end cap glued on. That is the exact size for a bottle to click into, I use an insulated metal one but the plastic ones also work if I remember correctly, anyways that’s not the important part, just find the right size PVC, cut it in half and cap the end. The important part here is how that is attached to the frame. This is something like the 7th variation but it’s held up over the winter and many ice UPDs which are the hardest and coldest, so the most extreme environment for testing I have. The PVC to frame mount is aluminum angle stock, 3/4” I think, and I drilled and bolted that to the PVC on one side and to the seat post clamp on the other. I used washers when attaching the top bolt of the seat post clamp so it would grab the angle aluminum slightly after the seat post and then the bottom bolt grabs the seat post, so it is more like a 1.5 bolt for the seat post now but still holds it quite solidly. A fair bit of fiddling around with a file and angling the drill to get things to line up was involved but once it is all good it’s gonna last forever, or at least I hope.


Woah. I freakin’ love it. And even better, it’s DIY. There is a very high chance I’m gonna steal this idea and build one for myself :smiley:

Thanks so much for the details!

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In this topic you can see my solution and some others that seem to work well:

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Thats a really nice setup. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm, decisions decisions :smiley:

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