Anybody skipping the Superbowl for Uni/Muni?

I sure as heck am! I’m going to “Devil’s Slide” in Simi Valley for a great afternoon of hardcore, ALL rock MUni! :smiley: I can easily tape the game and see it later.

It will also be great because there will be very little traffic, and probably next to nobody else on the trail, so I will have it mostly tomyself…unless anyone (who lives within a reasonable distance) wants to join me! (Jim, John, etc?)

Whats the superbowl?

Evan only knows Unicycles and BC Wheels. Somewhat knows what a Trials Bike is.

I will if it is dry and warm enough to ride outside.

isn’t it like a giant dip bowl in mexico filled with salsa where everyone brings a bag of tostitos and digs in?:wink: :smiley:

Ill definitely skip it, like I do every year. Im not a football fan. I enjoy playing the sport, but watching it bored me like no other.

I dont know if ill be unicycling on that day and time, I probably will be, but I know I wont be watching it.

I might go snowboarding before the game (in the afternoon/morning), but there is no way im missing the game.


We’re doing a morning ride, getting back in time for the game. Taping the Super Bowl is missing the point.

personaly i cant stand american football. every time i wonder why the hell they are throwing the ball on the third down till i relize that you guys play with an extra one (and a dinky ball on a smaller field). never watched the superbowl. plan on going kiteboarding as long as it gets above -20 and the wind keeps up but if no wind definately some uni action

That’s why I won’t be taping it either. I’ll be outside enjoying a ride, keeping the fat off and doing something healthy!:smiley: I never miss FG though!:smiley: (but that’s only 30 minutes!)

Yay muni! and physics project:( thats my schedule.

I will be working for it, not that I care though, the superbowl to me is at about the same level of interest as survivor.

No me gusta football.

I will be unicycling and studying for my physics test on monday! yay

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone they prefer Canadian football over the NFL. You hear it all the time with soccer, rugby, etc. Now once I hear somebody say they prefer arena football to the NFL with conviction, I’ll have heard it all.

Is it football or baseball?

It’s football

When someone mentions arena football or indoor soccer, for some reason, I think of roller derby and wraslin’.

Ooh, you kiteboard too? Are you snow kiting or on water? I kite on water but never tried snow, looks awesome.
I’ll ride in the AM and watch the game in the PM while I sew up my new seat!

I would be riding during the Super Bowl, but my chaffeur (read: mother) is sick, my backup chaffeur (read: father) wouldn’t miss the game for a winning lottery ticket, and neither chaffeur is willing to let me find a non-union laborer (read: non-parent) to drive me.

My thought process on the matter:

  1. Sounds like a great idea!
  2. So when is the Superbowl? I actually don’t know!
  3. I know it’s a Sunday, must be this Sunday.
  4. In that case I’ll be out of town, visiting relatives or hanging out in San Diego
  5. I will be riding a trail somewhere around San Diego on Monday (but don’t seem able to contact the riders down there directly…)

In 1998 I went to Disneyland on Superbowl Sunday, my first-ever time there. The place was not empty by any means, but the percentage of women and children was much higher than normal. People were marveling at the shorness of the lines (30-45 min), which I found scary. And there were more strollers than I’ve ever seen in one place.