anybody not have a uni buddy?

I dont have anyone to uni with, i threw everything at all my friends, they didnt hit at all. What should i do to get a uni friend that i can ride with? One of my friends can ride but cant stick with it like me.Anyone else have no uni guys to ride with?

me :frowning:

i couldn’t get my best friend to even consider it, unicycling alone really isn’t that bad though.

I am now 42 and have been riding on and off since I was 12 and have been riding by myself for the last 26 years, and recently was told about this site and got more motivated to ride so hopefully the solo thing will change

hi:D . I live near detroit, michigan. in about 15 days when i get a 5 foot giraffe for my b-day, i’m gonna want to ride it EVERYWHERE. If you live real close, we could ride in a parade together, er something.

I ride the most with evan but he lives kind of far away so not very much. Most of the time i ride alone.

i dont really have anyone etheir. i been tryin 2 get my freinds into it but it didnt work. but one of my freinds got into it but he lives really far away

Wow, this is the LOSER thread.

I’M KIDDING! I am so totally kidding. I’m sorry.

It’s just a matter of luck where you end up living vs. the distribution of unicyclists. Good luck finding or making unicyclists. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to get people to learn, then try something different and creative. Pass out flyers on your unicycle or do a demo. Offer lessons. I don’t know. Put an ad in the newspaper. Make it happen!

Also, there are often unicyclists in the area that you never knew about. Or people who have one in their closet that they never ride any more. Get out and canvas the area. Ride all around and be seen. Eventually, you WILL have the pleasant experience of someone excitedly coming up to you and saying, “hey, I ride one of those!” (and if not, you’ve still had some nice rides)

Good luck!

i ride with a ghuy half way around the block but he rides ike once every 2 mouths so im usally buy my self get an mp3 player it helps with lonlyness when you have so jammen tuns to lsson to

thats right i said jammin

I ride with my friend that skates…

having a Boo Radley moment, are we?

Your not the Lone Ranger …

I’ve been riding for over 36 years…
(cant really remember when I started, around 9 yrs old I think)
I rode for 25 years before I ever saw another unicyclist, and he didnt have one.
He borrowed mine to take a small ride.

I met my first unicyclists this year.
I give thanks to this forum for putting us together.
(Yoopers and family, and SirMax)

Although, we are not able to ride together, it pleased me to know, that we can get together for a few hours when we are able.

Thx to Gilby.

I always ride with Harvey. Rain or shine, night or day.

well i live in negaunee Michigan, Ive done everyting in da book to get someone to ride with. And i have rode everywhere to let the people see my and want to uni, but still no luck just akward comments.

sadly, no one anymore:( . but its just as well cause before my friend that moved uni’d he never wanted to practice tricks or anything so it gets boring when u want to practice and they dont. so in a way its good to ride alone- you can do what u want.

Mostly I ride on my own and I really like it that way. On Friday evenings I ride in the juggling club where there are 2 other unicyclists and I teach other kids who want to learn. Every other month my friend and I hold a unimeet and ride together with 6 or so other riders.

But mostly I ride alone and I love it.

(There’s no shame in being a Billy No Mates. Is there??)


I have tons of people to ride with, but usually dont because they live around (if you live in MT, you’d understand) My best friend rides seriously, but he’s moving to Idaho next month…:frowning:

Of course not. Having joked about that earlier in the thread, I feel obligated to reply. It has nothing to do with your ability to make friends. You could be the most popular person. But you’ve picked a sport which virtually no one does. And it has a high barrier of entry (big learning curve). I have lots of friends and lots of friends who ride. Yet I still end up riding alone most of the time. It’s more convenient that way and you can do it when you want.

Like Forrest said, they are distributed all over. I can ride in a park on my way home from work (beginning at whatever random time I happen to be passing the park), or I can schedule a ride with someone and drive 30 minutes to meet them. Both happen. And besides, I like being alone. I’m a loner. Being a loner has a stigma attached to it. But it shouldn’t. I don’t live alone in a cabin with a big beard while I write my “manifesto” (I’m referencing some psycho, but I don’t remember who).

I like being alone too. My job involves listening to people all day and meeting new people, listening to their problems and helping them to help themselves. I like the peace of being alone (or with my family) a lot of the time when I’m not at work.


I just ran into a ‘former’ unicyclist…

… or … if you can unicycle … are you still a unicyclist…?

… hmmmm…

anyway … I was on my way home from my lakefront practice…
When a guy in a car pulled over and parked rather quickly to catch me…

He said he knew how and asked if I’d let him try …

Unfortunately … my leg height and weight were a factor…

He was too heavy… my tire almost pinched … before he even hopped on it…

If I was on my old POS, that wouldnt have been a factor since the tire pressure is very high. But, the leg height factor would still hinder him.

Anyway, I told him to check out our community website…

… there are still others out there… that just dont ‘do it’ anymore.