Anybody ever used a Coker unicycle stand?

Hi guys,

I’m curious if anybody has ever used a Coker unicycle stand? More specifically, has anybody ever used it with a Nimbus Nightrider 36? The webpage reads:

(I added the bold text.)

Also, I can’t find any other 36" uni stands. Anybody know if there are any alternatives to the Coker stand?


I didn’t know there was a Coker stand. As to whether it will support smaller unicycles depends on the design. Got any pictures?

It is more likely that a stand built for big wheels will hold smaller wheels than the other way around.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not wanting it to support smaller unicycles – just hoping to find out if anybody can verify that the Nimbus Nightrider 36 will work with it. I’m assuming so, but . . .

Here are the two pictures provided on the Coker web page.

And this picture with their V2 in it:



Why don’t you just use the kick stand? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not familiar with the Coker stand. Here is an alternative that someone else has posted. I was thinking about getting some to store my unicycles:


I built some similar wooden stands to hold my smaller unicycles (up to 29). I think that if I built a bigger stand it would hold a bigger unicycle.

It looks like it should work. The only issue might be width; I think the V2 frame is wider than the Nimbus. So you could stick something on there.

But unicycle stands are pretty sketchy, as far as being robust ways to hold up a unicycle. Basically, “parking” a unicycle where it’s not either leaning against a wall or lying down:

  • most simply involves a hook; which I do from the ceiling in my garage (they hang seat-down)
  • in some other solidly-mounted holder that won’t allow the unicycle to fall over as soon as somebody brushes against it. This is the basic problem with most unicycle stands. Great for display, but not very practical otherwise. I’ve only used them in shows.

I just use my “friction shifter” brake lever. It locks the wheel and then the frame won’t move either, then you can just lean it against pretty much anything solid and it stays put. A wall, lightpost, tree, bench, hand rail, your car, etc. No “stand” to buy-which only works at home…unless you lug it everywhere you ride, lol! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies everybody. If I get this stand, I’ll be sure to report back and let everybody know my thoughts.