Anybody Ever Try This?!?

well, i was just thinking of something, and i think its pretty probable to do, but a backflip, or a front flip on a unicycle o.0

just think about it, ride seat-in-front, be up on a ledge thats a few feet high, do a little bounce then fling off the ledge, tuck your legs and bring up your seat to be as croched as possable, get the roation, land it and ride of as everyone around you stands there like :astonished:

anywyas thats how i invisioned it, be really kool to see, maybe ill learn how to do it by jumping into a foam pit or the ball pit at chucky cheeses once i get good at trials :sunglasses:

you mean once you get amazing at trials.

nah, i dont think you would have to be all to amazing to pull it off, basic princaples of it consist of getting good height and getting rotation of the flip, pretty much it

On paper it seems simple. so does a backflip on a motoX bike. A backflip takes, more than anything, balls. You also would need to do a rolling hop, get lots of air, and land a large drop. All I’m saying is I haven’t seen anyone do it, and there’s a reason.

lol, i know how hard it is for backflips, well, actually getting over the fear going backwards and upside down was the harder part for me, but having a friend spot me helped =p but i think it can be done, maybe ill be the first, but for that to happen i gotta get practicing! lol anyone wanna give me enough money to buy a good trials uni?!? lol

itz been done before…

tis under dismounts :roll_eyes:

That’s a backflip OFF a unicycle…

Not a backflip whilst ON a unicycle, like Jerrick posted… :thinking:

Re: Anybody Ever Try This?!?

On Mon, 6 Feb 2006 23:34:48 -0600, giraffe wrote:

>itz been done before…
>tis under dismounts :roll_eyes:

Those are flips OFF the unicycle, but this thread is about flips ON
the unicycle. Meaning that after the backflip or frontflip you
continue riding. I haven’t seen it being done, but I’ve seen the
question before.

still very impressive tho :sunglasses:

Surely it’s only a matter of time?

Hey Gild, you didn’t moan about the thread title :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was leaving one for John Foss.

In it’s defence, 'Anybody ever try this?" must be one of the most impossible-to-resist thread titles on a uni-forum.

Nothing is impossible, just very, very improbable,
did i mention it was very improbable??:stuck_out_tongue:
good luck

Its all very well saying that all you have to do is tuck the unicycle in and rotate :stuck_out_tongue: Ive already tried it and i think i could do it if i had the time aswell. My first attempt didnt go very well but ive tried it on lunge using a trampette for spring and ive got all the way round fine. The other thing is for a summersault you use the arms for a push, you need your arms to keep the seat inbetween your legs so your feet dont fall off the pedals, so what I came u with was wearing a climbing harness and strapping that to the seat so I could use one arm and it worked ok.

Hope that has helped you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit, if you think any summersaults are that easy just try them on your feet, see where your momentum comes from, it comes from your Feet, Add the unicycle and it takes all that lift you get from your feet out of the question making it rather difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

even if you could make the flip the unicycle would just roll out from under you when you tried to land.

if you do it, ill give you a nickel.


I think it’s possible, but rather impossible on flatland. It could be done off a curb or with the help of a trampoline.
I can do it on my feet, without a uni. And i know i need both arms to flip enough, and the full power of my legs to get the height. A uni represent more weight to carry, more inertial weight to rotate, i would use only one arm and i am not sure my impulsion on the pedals would be as effective as on flat ground.

I’ll try it off a curb into the sea as soon as the summer come back (i’ll post videos).


i found this attempt at a frount flip

Hehe thats one of my bad attempts, i have a video of my actually doing it somewhere, proporly :smiley:

I know its possible, i dont think its possible off anything before 1ft i think someone would need 2 to 3 feet to be sure of getting around.


its gonna be great when unicycling comes so far where things like this end up being one of the more intermediate of things to learn :smiley: