any one ever heard of a mongoose squid?

has any one ever heard of a mongoose squid unicycle? is it a good one?
what is a isis hub? and what is special about it? I am newer to unicycling sorry for all the rapid questions.

Welcome to our wonderful community!

To answer your questions, this is a Mongoose Squid unicycle
From what I can see about it:

-It’s very affordable
-It does not have an ISIS hub (I’ll explain that in a moment)
-It’s very heavy
-Because of the frame design you can lock it up in a bike lock
-It has a grab handle on the front of the seat, unlike most learners
-It would probably last you a while, at least until you start doing drops

The ISIS hub:

-It is splined, meaning it is much stronger and can take much more abuse when doing drops and hopping
-Instead of a square piece where it connects to the crank, it has about 10 teeth-like things that the crank goes on to
-It will make a unicycle cost much, much more
-The Mongoose Squid does not have it, meaning it could break from a small drop

Hope this helped you out and again, welcome to the forums!

Can you put an isis hub on the mongoose?

I guess you could take this and put it on the Squid. Do you like the Squid for some reason?

I’ve only seen them on e-bay in the US, I quite like it because it looks different, and I think it could have potential.

I just got one off e-bay as a present. I hope to make it my Muni or stunt riding uni.

An ISIS hub may not fit on it unless the Mongoose frame happens to have 42mm bearing holders and the 100mm spacing between bearings. I would suggest upgrading to something lighter and stronger when you feel more adventurous in your riding.

If it’s a 20" it won’t be very good for Muni. I’ve got an extra high end Muni (3" x 24") lying around. I’ll bring it by some evening for you to borrow and try out off road.


It looks like a baby version of the Coker Squid. A unicycle that also doubles up as a boat anchor :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess this one is for smaller boats.

Yeah, no kidding. Amazon says it’s almost 19 lbs. and it’s just a 20-inch!

The Coker V2 frame is not very heavy. Mostly it’s the newer wheel, with the 48 spokes, that’s heavy. According to Coker, the V2 frame is lighter than the Nimbus frame.

The 19 lbs listed on Amazon is probably the shipping weight (including box).

That’s true, although I never trust frame weights given by the manufacturer.

I’ve picked one up. It feels very heavy.

That frame looks terrible for tricks…

Alright for learning, terrible for everything else.

Just buy a 20" sun unicycle. Probably the best “im might unicycle but i might not” unicycle.

Yep, thats what I learned on. Kinda.

On par with that is a Torker LX.

I went from a 24" 1973 schwin to a 24" 2006 schwin to a 20" DX.Since then i replaced the frame to a nimbus, and i replaced the seat to kh. I broke the pedals because im hardcore like that, and replaces them with lx pedals. I want animals.

ok, I already got the squid. I hope it repairs well. I went hoping and went down two steps and I bend the hub and both cranks. I had it togehter and was riding it about twenty minutes. that sucked. the frame is not to heavy for me. it seems ok. I lowered the seat to get some more jump to it and got up the stairs (before it broke). I need something heavy duty!. I am 6’ 3’’ and 250. is there any unis that might handle it? I have broke to different ones already. I would like to start do some stunts, because riding around not doing much else is getting uneventful.

Nimbus Trials.

You need some type of splined hub and crank setup. Go for ISIS.

Get the nimbus with kh cranks. Here’s the Link They have a few colors to pick from. If you have alot of money, maybe go for the kh 08 trials unicycle, the longneck is really nice for trials and street. I believe it also saves you weight since you can cut your seat post down much more. There’s no reason to get the shorter frame, unless you fancy it more, really. Or, if your fine with the nimbus, a great unicycle (I ride that same set up pretty much) you could upgrade to a carbon fiber seat base. The kh comes with both trials and street pedals, but if you get the nimbus you might want to upgrade for street the Ody. Pc’s are a really great pedal that many of us ride, they are what come with the kh. For trials wellgo mg1’s are somewhat popular, they can be found on ebay. Since they are mag. you’ll have to take the pins out of one side or you’ll rip them out. I ride Kona jackshits on my trials, they are nice and grippy.