Any interest in riding the Continental Divide sometime in 2022 or 2023

I’ve had a plan to ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in the back of my mind for awhile now (its been 5 years since I last guaged interest). I should probably start making more concrete plans before I get too old. Would anyone else be interested in riding a section or the whole trail in either 2022 or 2023? Plans will need to be relatively loose to account for all the unknowns, but I’d try to accommodate as best I can.

Additionally, has anyone here (not already mentioned in above thread) ridden any of the trail on uni, bike, or foot? I’ll likely have a bunch of questions about what to expect.


I thought bikes were not allowed on the continental divide trail? If this is not true why were we chased off? This is a great developement! not the real trail but pretty close.

It’s not exactly the CDT but there is some overlap from what I understand. It’s highly likely the section of the CDT you were on didn’t allow cycling.

i wouldnt be able to do the entire thing but would be interested in doing a section. i have a big paddle race in Wisconsin next July so i wouldnt be available around that time. i would likely join on the Colorado trail since i can usually fly Charlotte to Denver for under $200 round trip

gonna look more into it…

I might be interested! I’m currently hiking the PCT and have hiked the AT and SHT. I’ve munipacked the Colorado Trail, Arizona Trail and Oregon Timber Trail. 2023 would probably work better for me than 2022. Please keep me in mind. Cheers.

Will do. I’ve been busy but I’ll try to compile my notes in the next few months and post a rough overview of the options here.

Right now 2023 is looking the most promising.