Any entities selling unis that include the Schlumpf?

I wanted get a larger-wheeled uni next. I’m anticipating needing a disk brake on it. If I can get one with the Schlumpf, I might as well go all-in with that too. I’ve not seen anyone selling unis with a Schlumpf even as an option.

I think there was a 29" Schlumpf years ago, but not anymore. You can get to build your wheel. UDC Sweeden built mine.

CDK in France build as well

No full unicycles come with KH Schlumpfs from-factory. KH Unicycles are made in Taiwan, and Schlumpfs in small batches in Switzerland. Some dealers who offer them off-the-shelf will have to custom build them in-house.

Your local will be able to build a custom-full unicycle for you.

I don’t need it to be built up with the Schlumpf from the factory. All I really need, I guess, is a shop that offers the Schlumpf hub/crank setup so that I have access to it being built into a wheel. But that has been a problem. I’ve not yet found any entities that provide the Schlumpf hub/crank set. Recently I was checking out the customizable uni offerings that an online shop in Italy will put together. It’s pretty nice stuff, but the word Schlumpf doesn’t exist anywhere on their website.

It’s too bad about the 29er w/Schlumpf no longer being offered. That is precisely the combo that I want.

In the US Silva Cycles is the US Distributor for Schlumpf hubs. Also available at UDC Canada and UK. The cranks are standard ISIS and available most anyplace.

A 20 seconds google search of the terms: "schlumpf unicycle hub has revealed: uk has one in stock:
You can also order hubs from Schlumpf directly:
They are produced in batches, and usually don’t stay on the shelves very long.

If you want a disk brake as well, your only choice are Kris Holm Spirits. If you don’t, ANY ISIS interface crank will do.

I was checking out the Silva site earlier but couldn’t find any info about unicycles per se, other than a blurb about the owner having ridden one. Thank you for the info. I will contact them to find out the details.

Good to know that only the KH will accommodate disk brake. I had been planning on the non-muni model, thinking that it was sufficient for riding the hilly roads where I live.

Schlumpf hub

OK, just check the trading post on 9/22/18 wanted , check it out, if it is what you want I can make you “Happy”

That’s the discussion lobbybobster refers to, go to page 101.

I had missed that part, very cool mod indeed! That’s exactly what the (phantom) 125mm wide Schlumpf hub was supposed to bring…

schlumpf hub

yes it was? well this was my first and several more for the newer m hubs. less torque and backlash through the gears from a crank mount disc.

Tahan at Silva Cycles is currently building my current 36 Triton with a Schlumpf hub. I believe he has one more hub available. Call him.

any interest?

Any interest in an old, (#102) hub?

Just wondering, how much would an old hub cost ?

old hub

go to pg.101, that is the pictured hub, make an offer!

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Plug for SilvaCycles:
Bronson Silva has ridden lots of unicycles in lots of interesting places. I have two of his unicycles hanging in the “Museum Collection” in my garage. But the important thing is that he has lots of experience with unicycles, custom (bike or uni) frames, and dialing in Schlumpf hubs so everything is adjusted correctly and fits right. I highly recommend going with Silva.

Below is a picture of my SilvaCycles KH Schlumpf 36, made in 2010. Bronson started with a hub I had purchased used, and ordered all the other parts to build that, and also had the custom powder coating done. Some mid-life guys get a Porsche, I got that.

The Picture post

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