another WEIRD Unicycle (sort of) on ebay!


i like the looks of that tire.

i like the suspinsion in the wheel =p

Those things have popped up many times on this forum. Sorta cool because it’s sorta a unicycle… and it has an interesting suspention design.

i’d almost buy that for the rim and suspension spoke/hub thing. tis pretty neat, that concept.

I wonder if they have solved the problem of unresponsiveness in the control of the wheel torque because of all the give in the suspension… if so, that’s a sweet setup for a wheel. I realized just recently how useful suspension would be on a muni as I walked mine over a particularly bumpy/pitted limestone area, the only way I could stay on over the irregularities was to stand on the pedals and use my legs as the suspension… of course I was well too tired :slight_smile:

It’s an utter piece of junk, designed purely to look gimicky. The suspension wheel wold be useless for any kind of serious riding.

its got disk brakes also, that would be kewl to figure out how to hook that up on a Muni.

Price of crazy contraption: (Approximately US $557.55)
Price of KH 24" Freeride: $520.00

Those junk things have been around forever. Almost as lame as “skate-bike-unicycles”

hhahahahahaaha theres your unicycle with shocks :confused:

Not really, rim brakes are more convenient, lighter, cheaper and more powerful. Disk brake munis and cokers have been done, but there’s a reason why no production uni has one.

does it free wheel?

isn’t it wayy too easy to bend the disc??

You seem like an expert. Ever seen one in person? Anyone here ever ridden one? Some feedback on how that wheel responds would be interesting. Theorizing about it only gets you so far.

Of course I’ve never seen one, or even a picture of one being ridden. Picture on the eBay ad shows a model posing with it, but I question whether she ever actually rode the thing. I’m just curious about the suspension. The rest (namely the useless handlebar) would have to be removed…

Oh, you didn’t find it responded properly to your input when you were riding it then?