Another T-shirt design.


thats cool! I would get one if the shirt was orange:D I could be wrong but i think the iBC is supposed to be white. I have seen a shirt like that but it says iBMX and it has a bike.


Either my monitor is messed up or its still green at the bottom right…
EDIT: its fixed now

I would buy one if it could be shipped over the seven seas to my door.

im thinking it would look cooler on a hat than a shirt.

from danscomp:


The BMX bike is far too fussy to work well, and the figure is standing still, which also moves too far away from the original.

Evan’s captures the movement and the simplicity of the original. Nice work - now I have to get a BC wheel and learn to ride it so I can wear one!

[edit] How about an iUni one?

I know this looks like crap, but i will improve it.


Not cr*p at all. But if I may make a suggestion - simplify the uni so it’s like the BC wheel in your first design, and have the rider doing something energetic/visual (riding seat out, jump mount, etc.)

I really like this and Catboy’s UPD shirt. Both clever ideas.

I like the iMuni one.

I like iMuni better than iBC…and I think it would be more popular, just because MUni is more popular than BC Wheeling.

I think that would be good for maybe iUni, but iMuni means Mountain Unicycling…which of course has very little to do with riding seat out, or jump mount. One time I made a silhouette of Kris Holm and used it for my User Picture for a while, something like that would work, lemme see if I can find it again…


i think they’re both pretty neat evan
you need white writing though!

i’d get the muni one, i like the pic on it now, but a sort of action shot would be cool, it’d be neat to have a rocky hill in the background, but that would detract from the simpleness
i’d stick w/ the first muni pic (white writing though!)

edit: o yeah, your BC wheel(s) are not quite round

I really really like that as an idea, could I use it, maybe modify the concept? I’d love to do a trails one or something. I’ll see what I can mock up.


yes, I know I’m being a killjoy - original ideas are better


I agree original ideas are a lot better, but TBH this works a hell of a lot better than the iBMX one, as s7ev0 said the BMX is too complex. With a BC, Muni, Trials or Coker it works much better, the integration of persons outline with single wheel is much cleaner.


These are all variations of Apple’s ads for the Ipod–a dark silhouette interacting with a bright contrasting product.

Go for it!

I like the iMuni one. iUni would be good too.

Loosemoose’s avatar is practically it!

One arm upraised (rodeo style!) and the white wheel with a hint of seat and stem.

Are you going for the whole range?
iUltimatewheel (a tad unwieldy, I grant :smiley: )