Another T-shirt design.

I think iTrials sounds a tad weird, Because it is a style of riding, not a type of uni.

I would buy iUni or IMuni but even with a picture, the other ones are a bit too obscure, what’s the point if the average person doesn’t know what your shirt says, and I would stick with the white unicycle with the shilouette figure.

… iClaudius is fine then…

lol. I think a random picture for iUni, showing your favourite style, maybe with the type (Freestyle, Trials etc) written underneath in the same font but smaller? I can use my pic to make an image for iMuni, or iUni with ‘Mountain’ written underneath? For the Coker, it needs a directly side on pic, showing off the side of the rider & the size of the wheel I think. iBC & iUW would be cool on their own. I’ll try and get some sample images of myself I can use to make silhouettes from over the next couple of days.



How about


hey how did u take a picture and make it into a siloette like that?

It really easy if you have photoshop, and can take less than 5 minutes to do.

HERE IS A TUTORIAL that explaing ths process.

To add a BC wheel, you’d just have to make a white, round brush in one point, and then remove the inside to essentially make a doughnut… Or to mask the unicycle, repeat the brushing process to make a mask and chenge to white, instead of black…

I’d have to say this is the worst thread I have ever seen.

Here’s my attempt. I pretty much like how it came out, except for the disembodied saddle & wheel, you don’t get any frame…


looks fine, but for muni(as others have pointed out) a less strange manuever should be used. a seat in jump or decent or something. without a reference to know that you’re seat in hopping, the outline looks quite strange. like a too deep crouched seat in front riding.

I like the design of the first iMuni. …by that, I mean that’s the one I’d buy. (…but the text needs to be white)


ahhh this makes me want photoshop even more…
I like the design’s a lot, to bad I can’t ride a bc wheel yet

My 2nd Attempt…

How about iUPD? That would be a funny one, i’m thinking someone cut out that picture of kris holm when he goes flying off his unicycle in the One tired guy trailer. I’d do it myself but the trailer is poor quality, we’d need someone to grab the frame off of the DVD, then photoshop/Gimp it.

where is the trailer at? I cant find it


You can view the trailer here.

Along with Unizaba, and Universe 2 trailer.

iMUni should have a green background. also, is anyone making these, i want one.

I am.