Another new cokeur

Great excitement today! The coker/UDC 36" came today. I think I’ve attached a photo. She’s beautiful.

I can ride her, much to my amazement. And ‘dismount gracefully’. I haven’t even attempted to freemount.

She’s lovely to ride. Feels big and solid, but not too different from the 29er once she gets going.

I’m hooked.


new coker.jpg

You can’t really see on the photo but she’s a lovely lilac colour.


:smiley: Told you :wink:

You go, girl. Nice lilac shade. Your saddle looks a bit low, though.

Short legs. Actually I did raise it about half an inch after taking the photo.


I would never fit on oneof those:(

mine didn’t come today :frowning:

better come tomorrow coz weather today was soooo nice.

grats babe, forgot to mention that :roll_eyes:

As long as they reach the ground, what more could you need?

Nice looking uni, in a lilac sort of way. You’ll have fun on that.:slight_smile:

hehe that uni looks funny… but congrats on the coker… it is a beauty


siiiiick that just makes me want one so much more.
i really like that color.

congrats! have fun

Alright Cathy!!

Welcome to the club, 'tis a fun one

Have you ever smashed a Coker into a stalker before?

Cathwood I am so happy for you. The big wheel is such a pleasure to ride.

Warning, when left alone the Coker will call out relentlessly for you to come out and play. You will be unable to resist.

Thanks for the pic Cathwood. It’s a beauty.
I am very happy for you and very jealous :wink:
May you have many miles of pleasure riding.

I am going to get one!!!


Cathwood…you go girl!!!

You inspire me to dust off the coker and take it for a spin. Enjoy!!!

Yay Cathwood! Congratulations on joining the Big Wheel Club. That’s one cool looking ride you have.

Pedal long, pedal fast.


I have loved watching your progression over the years (year) or what ever. I remember writing somewhere you would get a 36" machine one day.

If you have room for storage, I think you would like to ride a giraffe as well. Don’t discount it. Just another challenge and easier than you might think. I will watch from the sidelines to see how your progression is going.

It is amazing how far we come mastering bit by bit (or one by one).

Hope you enjoy riding the big one!

Ooh very nice, do you have any more pics?

Not yet but I will.


nice looking coker you got there.