I have found a bunch of 2004 KRIS HOLM 24" MOUNTAIN UNICYCLES in the back of the warehouse and will be selling them at OVER 30% OFF the original selling price !!!

They originally sold for the same price as the current model at 520.00 US

These unicycles will be going for just 395.00 US !!!

…plus actual shipping cost if you don’t pick them up at my shop.

These are brand new, never opened, unicycles.
They will be anti-siezed and ready to ride when you get it !

This is the all black, Cr-Mo frame 2004 model Kris Holm MUni.
These DO NOT have the ankle biter cranks.

This is a first come, first served sale.

You can see a picture of one here:

Look under: Flames, frames and T-shirts - first picture.

For more info, please send an e-mail to: info at bedfordunicycles . ca

They are a great 24x3 Mountain Unicycle for off-road riding and the price is awesome !!! If you have been thinking about getting a good mountain unicycle, this is the one for you.

They make outstanding Christmas gifts as well !

Look for the usual Bedford Freebies in the box too !!!

Take it easy,

I just did the math and noticed you made a small typo. 395.00 is 24% of 520.00 US

That is a good sale whatever the case!


Yeah it is, I wish I didn’t already have a muni so I could buy one and get free Bedford stuff!


How I got that rate was dividing 520.00 by 1.3 = 400.00
Made it less at 395.00

However you do it, the price is sweet !

That is the same as the first unicycle you bought from me.

Take it easy,

How you’d want to do it in the future is like this:

Original price - (original price * percentage) = final price

So with your example:

520 - (520*.24) = $395.20

If you want to go in the other direction (take a discounted price and find the percentage that’s off), find the difference, and divide that into the original price:

(520 - 395) / 520 = .24038

So just move the decimal point over two places and you have the percentage - 24%.

And thus concludes everyone’s math lesson for today :slight_smile:

what’s the difference between the 04 and the current ones, besides looks

They don’t have the new dual-layer fusion seats, and don’t quote me on this but I’m fairly certain they don’t have the kh/onza hub on 'em, just the old KH hub. What each is like strengthwise I can’t say for sure but I’ve heard the 2005 is stronger, which I guess makes sense. The frame/rim might be different too.

Basically it’s a bunch of little things. It’s still a solid, solid machine.

The new frames are aluminum, the older ones are not. So the 05s are alot lighter than 04s. The hub and crankset is different. The 04s have alex rims and the 05s have KH rims.

hey darren, i was just wondering when the site’s gonna be up! i think i wanna buy your 24" muni but i couldnt get a pic >.< do you think you could link a pic?

Hey, Darren says to email him about that stuff. He will send you all the pics you want. He dosent read these forums, especially a post from '05