24" Torker dx info

I’ve been researching the availability of longer cranks as an option to the standard 152mm (6") cranks that come on the 2006 24" dx. I was told directly by Torker that their “redline Proline” cranks, and ONLY these cranks will fit the Proprietary splined hub. The shortest available are 175mm. They are also only available in the full crank set, which includes a 3pc tubular chromoly single pinch bolt crank arm set, With a sealed bearing BB, Chromoly spindle. The price ranges from about $90-130, plus shipping. My question is: Will the 7/8" additional length (less than 1 inch) make climbing steep grades dramatically easier, moderately easier, somehwhat easier? I’m also wondering if that difference is worth the extra $100? Obviously that has to be my decision, but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.:slight_smile:

For the extra $100, it would put you closer to the price of a better uni that already has longer cranks. Darren may still have some '04 KH’s for sale cheap.