Anodised KH Frame

There are a few threads on here about the possibility of anodising* a Kris Holm frame, and how it would be possible to do at home with the right stuff. Well, after a lot of research, buying the right stuff and a couple of months practising on test pieces, I anodised my first (and probably last) KH frame yesterday.

I give you - The Apple and Blackcurrant;

Some of you may remember my ad in the trading post asking for broken or abused KH frames. Well, this one fell in to both categories. I had to get the large crack in the neck welded up, and there were several large gouges that needed a lot of dealing with. But thanks for the frame Marcus. It actually cleaned up pretty well, and now looks fantastic.

Once I’ve got all the other aluminium bits anodised either green or violet I’ll be building this up to be a nice little flatland uni - although the new 20" rim won’t be available until the Spring though :frowning:

If you want to see more photos of the different stages involved in anodising this, have a look at my Picasa album


  • Anodizing for non-English speaking readers :slight_smile:

That looks pretty fancy pants. Is this for you (will we see it down at hockey?), or something to sell?

I like the fact that you appear to have used pint glasses and balloon modelling balloons in the process of making this!


Yes, this is for me, as I plan to become a demon flatland rider. Well, I can dream can’t I? And if you had come to the pub after hockey last night you would have seen it then. I doubt it’ll be my regular hockey uni though as I love the 24" too much.

And, yes, there was a lot of improvised props used in the making of this frame. I’m not even going to start to tell you where I put the broom handle, or rubber innertube :wink:


wow…that bottom color looks fantastic.


i want my entire frame to be that color. loving it!


yeah he should have just done the whole thing like that, haha.

That looks really cool! Where did you found what stuff you needed to buy and how to anodise it? I might want to do it on mine:) but yellow…:stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool Spencer!

It is amazing how most people I talk to here in the States don’t know what blackcurrant is. I want some Ribena (and a cool looking frame)!

Looks great!
EDIT: the pictures are good, It looks very comlicated

Nice, Spencer. That’s a serious amount of faffing and convoluting to get a cosmetic result, but it’s nice to see someone else spending too long tinkering with unis in these winter evenings (I won’t say how long I’ve just spent trimming my CF base to remove only 20g).

Do you have some 80s patterned lycra tights to wear while riding this amazing retro-cycle?


Aaaargh. Isn’t the smiling beer belly Mint Sauce top enough?

Wow well done, looks great. When I posted off my battered frame, never did I think it would be transformed into something as beautiful as that. I think I am going to find a part and try doing it myself.

Wow… just looked at the photos on Picasa… how the hell did you get your frame that shiny? that’s friggin awesome!! :astonished:

Google and eBay mainly :slight_smile: I spent a lot of time reading a lot of pro and amateur anodising pages and sorted out what was important, not important, worthwhile or a shortcut from there. All the bits are out there if you look. If anyone is serious about trying it, though, apart from recommending not to, I’m happy to offer tips and advice from what I’ve learned.

Yeah, muchos faffingness. If I’d realised it was going to take that much effort I would have probably dedicated my time to learning to wheelwalk or something. You’re right, though, it is just for cosmetic reasons. C’est la vie.

I refuse to answer the Lycra tights question on the basis that this is a family forum though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! The Mint Sauce isn’t grinning as much as he used to!

I’m sure you’d agree that it wasn’t really a thing of beauty you sent me :smiley: But isn’t it nice to know that something that has had such a harsh life now gets a new lease of life?

Sanding wheels, emery cloth, polishing mops, elbow grease and a lot of time! A bench grinder with a polishing mop and suitable compound can reap fantastic rewards though.