Annual server's fees donations info and links

Donation link: (credit card & PayPal)

The work done on the forum, its administration and maintenance is done during our free time.

Server fees are funded by the help of the donations.

The domain name is provided by @Gilby :+1:

Donations beyond the yearly goal will go towards next year's fees and any future unexpected costs.

Here are the estimated forum fees for the current year, starting from October 2021:

Email provider Hosting Content Delivery Network Backups Total
$70 $150 $120 $35 $375

The fees are the same as the previous year, plus the $35 backup fees that I previously forgot.

Support us and you will be granted a forum badge as a reward!
Feel free to contact me to get one if you didn’t, as I can’t always guess the forum username from the donation information.

You can hide the header’s donation icon image at any time in your account preferences.


Thank you all! :hugs:

Your generous donations have reached the current year’s server fees in just a few days, like the previous year. :slight_smile: