Announcing the 2010 Vancouver Muni Weekend

The “California” Muni Weekend is going on a vacation up north!! Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, from Saturday, September 5 to Monday, September 7, 2010 (Labour day long week-end). Come and ride the famous North Shore trails with our seasoned team of tumblers.

Mark your calendars and get ready to experience what North-Shore muni is all about. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature trails seen in Universe 1 and 2 on Mount Fromme, and Mount Seymour.

In the evenings expect to face a challenge of a different breed, there will be natural trials on Jericho beach, as well as dinner nearby.

For accommodation, we’'ll try to organize a group booking at the HI Hostel at Jericho Beach. So get ready, now is the time to start training for this one-time experience!

The details are being finalized, but check here and on our website ( in next few weeks for more information.

Please Note: If you are coming from the USA : you will need a passport, even if you are driving!


i cant wait.
also trails from defect no?

Date correction?

I think you meant Saturday September 4th through Monday September 6th for the Labour Day long weekend?

I just retweeted it and was about to place it on our website Google calendar when I noticed the error.


Thanks Yvette,

Saturday, September 4 to Monday, September 6, 2010 are the correct dates.

I want to come! buuut sadly I will be camping at this time.

hey when do all you Van Uni riders meet up???

Check out and join the Google Group that is linked to.
Mostly, we meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm at Science World, and every second Monday at Sunset beach. Plus some other rides on week-ends organized through the mailing list.

Definite Maybe

Ok, things might just work out so I can go to this.