Announcing the 2010 Vancouver Muni Weekend

The “California” Muni Weekend is going on a vacation up north!! Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, from Saturday, September 5 to Monday, September 7, 2010 (Labour day long week-end). Come and ride the famous North Shore trails with our seasoned team of tumblers.

Mark your calendars and get ready to experience what North-Shore muni is all about. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature trails seen in Universe 1 and 2 on Mount Fromme, and Mount Seymour.

In the evenings expect to face a challenge of a different breed, there will be natural trials on Jericho beach, as well as dinner nearby.

For accommodation, we’'ll try to organize a group booking at the HI Hostel at Jericho Beach. So get ready, now is the time to start training for this one-time experience!

The details are being finalized, but check here and on our website ( in next few weeks for more information.

Please Note: If you are coming from the USA : you will need a passport, even if you are driving!

PS. Please excuse the cross posting. (Also posted to the News forum here: Announcing the 2010 Vancouver Muni Weekend) Several people requested posting it to RSU as well since they do not read the news forum.

I am going to try to go. It’s only a two hour drive from my house, so I’ll probably be able to make it.:slight_smile:

It will be awesome to finally go on a big group ride!

Edit: I just read that if you are under 18, you have to have a responsible adult in the area. I’ll be 17 then, so does this mean I’d have to have my Dad or someone else walk with the group?

I really want to go! But flying and driving is out. Maybe I can go by train! :smiley:


So it’s Saturday, September 4 to Monday, September 6, 2010, Labor Day long weekend.

Thanks for your screen capture, MuniAddict. It made me realize we had an error in the dates.

I might try to make it but you do realize that it conflicts with the Bombers VS the Riders in Regina for the Labor Day Classic right?

Terry, I know you are scared of flying but what is wrong with driving? You could do it in a day. Train would be cool though.