Announcing Moocow Unicycles, a new Unicycle Company

Hello! as of today Moocow Unicycles is officially public!
For more information check out our website or facebook page!

Also, check out this team video!

So three awesome unicyclists got together and invented a thingy for salvaging broken seatposts? That’s cool and everything, but…

Am I missing something?

So is there a plan to make more parts or whole unicycles? Because everything on the site says parts which would imply that you produce multiple components, however I only see a seatpost saver that costs as much as 4 seatposts.


Um, the website is a little lacking in quality, quantity, and everything else.

To be fair the site doesn’t say they produce parts, just that “our goal is to produce parts.” Let’s hope they teach their goal!

To clarify, I wasn’t trying to sound snidey, just being honest. I think it’s a bit misleading.

I too hope that they succeed and make more stuff.

Am I the only one reading Moscow Unicycles?

Good luck guys :slight_smile:

I reckon they’ll keep us posted:D

You are not.

It’s the start of a small company in a niche sport.

Broken seatposts are a huge issue with Street and Flatland riders. It may be a bit pricey of an item for those who don’t break posts. But, for those who do, it may pay for itself without having to buy 4 or 5 new posts over the next year or so. I’m guessing at this, but I’d be willing to bet the Saddle-apter is produced in Canada, not in a factory somewhere in the Far East. Nothing wrong with the Far East necessarily, but costs are probably higher in Canada.

I clicked the “Like”. I don’t really have a use for their current product offering, but I see the value in it for a segment of unicycling.

Sure, there are some bugs to be worked out with the website. And there is a limited product offering.

I still see the forward thinking David Moscoe and his company are shooting for.

If this product offering goes well, maybe their next will be something that benefits a different segment of unicycling. Being able to identify a problem and produce a solution on a production basis is good for the community.

Look to the idea and the actual product offering folks.

No, those are just team riders that I’ve sponsored, however otherwise that’s the general gist of it :slight_smile:


I’d also like to add, that several more parts are in the works, however this is all that’s available right now. I understand it’s pricier than a regular seatpost, but the idea behind it is that it’s extremely strong so you can repurpose old seatposts, and not have to worry about it breaking again.

Cool, the more parts available for us the better!:slight_smile:

Any hints on what’s in the works?

The SaddleApter looks like a great product. Given the obviously limited specialist market it seems quite reasonably priced.

Never mind reusing old seat posts. Buy a full length of tube and cut posts to any length you like.

muni123, think carbon fiber!

sick! what’s the timeframe because I’m partially rebuilding and I might just wait.

The frame of a uni doesn’t really weigh much compared to the wheel, seat and cranks so the advantages of carbon fibre are limited as compared to a bicycle.

Moreover a uni tend gets a lot more impacts which are likely to damage carbon fibre.

I don’t think we’re talking frames.:wink:

Carbon fiber seat posts? Cranks, pedals? Rims? Spokes?
Nipples??? :thinking: