Announcing a book: The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling

Hi All,

I’m very happy to announce the forthcoming release of my book, The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trial Unicycling. Many years in the making, this book is an effort to give back to the sport by writing down what I know about mountain and trials unicycling from my years of riding.

With stories, 250+ colour photos of riding all over the world, and a Forward by the well-known climber/author John Long, it’s also a visual showcase of muni and trials as riders know it. It shares the full spectrum of our sport to a wide audience that hopefully will extend far beyond the core community of unicycle riders. Beyond the instructional component, if you’ve ever wished you had a way to explain to people what muni and trials are all about, this is it.

The book will be available at unicycle shops worldwide by late April.

For more info and to download a preview, check the website at (thanks to Carl Hoyer for doing a great job on the site). You can subscribe with your email address if you want to be reminded when the book comes out.

I’d like to spread the news about this book as far and wide as possible, to the unicycling community and beyond. If you have friends, belong to riding clubs, or have media contacts that might want to know about it, I’d appreciate any help in getting the word out. Thanks!

Kris Holm

Awesome job Kris! I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long time now.

Sounds great, really looking forward to this coming out!

Signed copies?

Nice Kris, it’s on my shopping list.

Hey, are we the core :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I think this would be the core…=)

The web site is beautiful! Great work, Carl!

The preview is beautiful as well. Great to see lots of our West Coast guys put down in ink, especially the veterans like Foss, Long and Hans.

Also great to see Nathan’s photography… the guy has a million lifetimes worth of adventures in his library!

I may need two of these books. The first will get worn out quite quickly…

Congrats on this work Kris. Have signed up & will be awaiting the launch of the book.

Nice! I want a signed copy too :wink:

Cool Kris, congrats and I look forward to it. It’s great that John Long is doing the forward too - I mostly learned How to Rock Climb from his books of that title!

Can’t wait to read it! All “core” unicyclists owe it to Kris to harness the power of their social media circles to get the word out about this book. Retweet (khunicycles) the book announcement and Like it on Facebook. Let’s get this guy on the tonight show!

Looks great so far Kris!

Nice job on the website Carl!

Nice! I’m looking forward to the release. The preview looks fantastic!

Tonight show, hmmm. How cool would that be? Other authors do book tours & things; I wonder if this would be possible?

The website is beautiful. If that’s HTML 5, I’ve got to learn more about it!

And of course I’ve been anticipating the books arrival for some time. I’m sure I will have more than two copies… :slight_smile:

It is. (Beautiful and HTML 5.)

Awesome news. Can’t wait to get a copy.

I’d be in for a signed copy! :slight_smile:

This should be a “sticky” thread, if the mods have the power. Having a published book about our sport is a big step forward in legitimizing it. Even as a broke college kid, I consider this book to be a great investment. Great job, Kris!


Thanks for the kind words. In any case, hopefully the thread is “sticky” in that it lives on as a discussion thread on riding techniques I write about in the book, once the book is out.


The Website is fine, i like the scrolling :slight_smile:

And the preview looks great too. Can’t wait to see the book in the stores.



Awesome news Kris! I would live a signed copy too! :slight_smile: