an interesting new pedal

there is a new pedal from Atomlab this year called the is the first caged pedal i have ever seen that is one piece.most cage style pedals fold or come undone but the Trailpimp is all one piece and has me fasinated.its not going to be as grippy as the Aircorps or pinned pedals of the like but interesting nonetheless.


What is the main difference between pedals like this and platform pedals?

I know pretty much nothing about bmx pedals.

That is a platform pedal. :slight_smile:

There are two styles of platform pedals.

  1. Pedals with an offset parallelogram design like the Aircorps. The offset parallelogram will flip the pedal flat side up when you step on them. That makes it easier to put your foot on the pedal no matter how the pedal is oriented.

  2. Pedals with a block shape like the Trailpimp pedal. These pedals will not automagically flip upright if you happen to step on the skinny side of the pedal.

If you ride with boots that have a heel you might prefer a pedal shaped like the Trailpimp rather that something with an offset parallelogram. You can put the heel of the boot right against the flat side of the pedal and the boot will be locked on the pedal.

Caged pedals usually have a separate and removable cage. See the Crupi caged pedals.

I think they look quite good, they would be harder to break than the ones with pins wouldnt they? By this I mean breaking the pins on pedals, because with something like a pedal grab I don’t see how those small pins can cope with it!

I think beartraps might be nicer if you don’t ride with vans or other flat soled shoes, because they’re much better at gripping onto hiking shoe / boot soles.

If you ride with flat soled shoes, I reckon ones with pins are better, because you get more support for your feet.


These pedals might be good for Coker and other road riders that want to ride without leg protection, yet have grip for rainy conditions. The pedals appear to be similar to the Shinburgers in that they shouldn’t cut your skin open like the pinned platform pedals do. This is just a guess, though.

As a newbie, the look of these pedals made my shins scared!


These pedals are pretty shin friendly compared to pedals with pins…of course either one will draw blood!!! That’s why God made shinguards :smiley:

Thanks John. That cleared up a few things. So what’s the difference between platform and caged pedals?

I generally call any flat (a.k.a. clipless) pedal a platform pedal. I don’t know if I’m being sloppy or not in my vocabulary or not. In my way of thinking a caged pedal falls in the platform pedal category.

Caged pedals are also called bear trap pedals because they kind of look like a bear trap. Look at the Crupi pedals. Their caged pedals are about halfway down the page. There is a toothed cage that is screwed on to the pedal body. The cage is what gives the pedal its grip.

The cages are aluminum and the teeth on the cage will get bent over from the pedal hitting the ground. When the teeth get too bent you remove the old cage and replace it with a new cage. That’s one reason why that style of cage is removable.

The Atomlab Trailpimp pedals have that caged style look. The cage is not removable, but the Trailpimp cage is much more stout than those wimpy aluminum Crupi cages. It looks like the teeth on the Trailpimp should hold up to abuse and not get bent over.

ok, but what’st he functional difference? Is one heavier than the other? Is one grippier? Cheaper?

That pedal looks great for muni. Looks very grippy too.


A lot if it is personal preference as to what type of pedal design you prefer.

The offset parallelogram style platform pedals (like the Aircorp) will automagically flip right side up when you step on them. The caged pedals will not flip right side up quite so automagically.

The caged pedals have problems with the teeth getting bent over and the need to regularly replace the cage when it gets too bent.

Platform pedals will generally be more durable than the caged pedals because the platform pedals can take impacts without getting bent up.

Grip with offset parallelogram style platforms is highly dependent on the design of the pedal – How many pins, how big are the pins, how tall are the pins, where the pins are placed on the pedal, are the pins skinny or fat, how big is the platform, what is the shape of the platform, is the platform concave or more flat, are the pins rounded on top or edgy. There are lots of factors. Some platform pedals are more grippy than others. Grip also depends on your choice of footwear.

Grip with the caged pedals depends on the size and shape of the platform, the shape of the teeth on the cage, the condition of the teeth and how many cages. Some caged pedals use several cages layered like the teeth in a shark’s mouth. The Odyssey Triple Traps are an example of the layered cage design.

Caged pedals will generally cut into your shoe more due to the teeth acting like saw blades. You’ll generally wear out the soles of your shoes faster with caged pedals.

That was dumb.
Clipless pedals are the ones you click in to.

I must have intended to say:
I generally call any flat (a.k.a. non clip in) pedal a platform pedal.

What was I thinking? :thinking:

they come in the color red too,like no other Atomlab pedal…now thats marketing.

Perhaps it’s time to run a Level 1 Diagnostic, John. :smiley:

That’s a good idea. They will hide the blood stains better.

nice pedal looks a lot friendlier than my evil metal spikey things that may have wonderful grip but today decided to give me 3 nice gashs on my arm

your arm…??

You see that’s what you’re doing wrong. It’s your feet that go on the pedals. Took me ages to work that one out.


P.S. On the subject of injuries, if anyone in nottingham (2 of you?) fancies some entertainment be in market square tomorrow 12 till 1.30. My first attempt at fire poi. And a giraffe. :astonished: