Always wear pads because....

Midnight Gladiators is one of the best games or just gladiators, unfortunatly when i fall i tend to fall hard.
as some of you know i took a bad fall at buc during some late night gladiators. I am now really pissed because my knee is messed up really bad, i havent walked properly since, and today i felt my knee caps and compared them the injured one has a dent, so im going for an Xray tomorrow.
I am trying to make the point that everyone should wear pads in these sort of games, gladiators the hole idea is to fall i can’t believe i never even thought of wearing pads and i dont seem to see many others wearing them.
I also think in gladiators we could introduce a new rule of not taking out when your not on your uni because this was how this happened and you are always going to have alot more power when not on your unicycle.
Oh and does anyone know what they do if a knee cap is cracked or dented what can they do to fix it?

if its dented or cracked they chop your whole leg off.

ahaha that was harsh i’m sorry.

That sucks well you have a good reason to hate that nasty person now hopefully theyre will be nothing wrong.


Me, David, Phil, and Donnie played Gladiator for about 3 hours straight last night in a highschool parking lot. It was sweet. I got hit in the neck, nose, mouth. My right leg is bruised and sore, my back has a kink in it, and my left ankle is nice and bloody now.

Gladiators has to be my favorite game now. Specially when you finally stop playing, its sunset and in 3 hours you have to get up and go unicycling all over again. =p

And like you said, guards are a great thing to have, there were a few tiems of me falling ahrd and sliding on my knees and unis crashing into my legs. Helmets would be good too.

EDIT: I broke my toe playing it last night too. Now its bend to the right when I try to curl my toes. Ill make sure it heals straight.

It always strikes me as a bit crazy that you get shouted at for using the trials course at BUC without padding when the only person you’ll hurt is yourself yet, when people are playing gladiators, no one pads up at all.

Bad luck Lucas, hope you heal quickly.

Oddly, I don’t know if I’ve ever played our version of Sumo with pads on. Hmm. I’m not sure why. We originally created and developed our version before the days when pads were used for anything except a few crackpots for racing. Nobody wore helmets or shinguards. I guess that’s why.

But your Gladiators game sounds a little different. The Sumo we play at Unicons and such is usually 1 on 1, with a circular or otherwise limited riding space and a basic set of rules, which includes not pulling on clothes (based on too many ripped clothes, for instance). When we played with groups I would add a rule that you couldn’t push someone faster than they could ride. In other words, if someone’s trying to get away, you can’t push them forward because that can create ugly crashes. And you can only play if you’re on a unicycle.

How does your version of Gladiators work? I know it’s probably mostly unregulated, but what rules are in use; how do you start, stop, win, etc?

Last one standing and nothing above the neck is basically only rules and terms i know, it works really well and i tend to feel guilty about making people fall so i tend to try and take people off cleverly or just by strength rather than a stong push in the back because like you say it can have nasty clashes oh well ce la vi

Ill tell you the version David suggested to play last night.

We had a square marked out, that was pretty big, and if you left the boundaries, you lost. We each started in one of the four corners, and with 4 of there, it worked great.

We had the winner say when to go, but it didnt matter who decided to go, as long as it was loud enough so everyone knew it was starting.

Rules wise, it was last man on his uni wins. If you get dismounted, or out of bounds, you lost.

Ours was viscous. Me and my friend Phil charged full on into each other at full speed and both smashed are legs into each other, fell backwards, and limped a little after that. We were reaching down and pulling the seatposts out from each other. David was hitting our tires with his pedal or foot to knock us off. I would be riding while being chased, stop, and jsut rev backwards right into the chaser and knock him down.

We pretty much did everything we could to knock the person down or get him out of bounds. There was some good pain being dealt, but we were all laughing and having a good time. No hard feelings between any of us, and we will probably do it again tonight, and film most of it lol.

That didnt apply at all for our game last night. =p

I had a fatlip, sore nose (still is sore), and elbowed in the neck by the end of the night.

I hope your knee becomes better. Almost sounds like some surgery may be needed.

Genreally in Uk conventions gladiators is all-on-all, someone shouts go and everyone mounts, last one left on their unicycle wins. You can take people out by pretty much any means within reason, pushing, crashing in to them, grabbing their uni etc. I remember playing at crawley last year, drunk late at night in the carpark and several people getting grazes.

Both of these games sound like fun. Too bad I don’t have enough people to play :frowning:

hopes its okay mate. Hope running you over in the car didnt make it worse :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the rule normally isn’t it, once you’re off, you’re out and out of play.

I caned my knee just like that riding in Paris a bit back, and it swelled up really big, it was like making my leg muscles spasm and painful enough to make you faint and stuff. In the end after x-rays and stuff, it turned out I had bleeding behind the kneecap from hitting it really hard, which made it feel really weird as and funny shaped, but making it something that just got better pretty quickly of it’s own accord rather than surgery or anything being needed, hopefully you’ve done something similar.

I did get to learn to balance crutches on my chin though, so it wasn’t all bad.


you cannt even see skin on my sister she has soooo many pads on, i only wear a helmet now.

That is more or less how I remember the rules when I watched it once. There were about 20 unicyclists to start the game. ( I am nowhere near daft enough or good enough to play, but as a spectator event it is by far the best thing you can watch people doing on a unicycle.) I love the wildness and the inventiveness some gladiators use. Best I saw was when Zyllan at a juggling convention a few years ago, released someone’s seat clamp from behind. The poor guy went 3 or 4 yards, his seat dropped, post hit the tyre, and he was launched into space. Not hurt, but a spectacular event. It is also good when you get a one-on-one “sumo” in the midst of all the mayhem. Two good gladiators doing this can be very inspiring, and show incredible skill. I remember you had a good skillful bout in Cornwall, again against Zyllan, which was inconclusive, but a good long bout before you separated, both still riding. Did the two of you ever get to continue your little private sumo?

I don’t understand your comment in the first post though about taking someone out when not on their uni. I thought that was more or less the one rule: that you had to be actually riding to take out someone? Or did I misunderstand your sentence?

Hope the injury heals well and soon.


yeh zylan is good i want to play him again but BJC was to far, what i mean about not taking off when off your uni is like it should be strict cos this one happened when he had just come off and he just kept pulling i know it can be difficult to not think in the mentality that ‘if im going he s coming with me’ but they should lol

Lucas, FWIW, I chipped my kneecap in a bike crash last December and it did take some time to stop hurting completely - probably three months or so. It’s fine now though, although you can feel a bit of a ridge on it. I was pretty worried about it at the time. Apparently if the kneecap completely breaks it’s really nasty (and pretty rare), but usually slight chips sort themselves out (although they’re 'kin painful).

Hope it heals up quickly mate.


yeh thats what doc said today she reckons i’ve cracked the patella and it will still hurt or feel uncomfortable for another 4/5 weeks, its a shame because i had lots of riding planned.
Cheers for everyones nice words lol


Cheers I understand now, rather like what Luke Burrage did to Zyllan in the Cornwall contest. He pulled Zyllan down on top of him after Zyllan pushed him off. To be fair I think Luke was trying to save the crowd from mass slaughter as he went down.

It is a good point you make, and I agree with you on the rule, but you would probably in some cases need a judgement from the crowd, as to whether one or two riders actually fell off. Which will add to the fun 'cos the audience is sure to be biased against someone :wink: