all round crank size

I commute (14 miles)on a 26" muni and its got 150mm cranks and im wanting some shorter cranks, im going to get some ninbus venture2 cranks but im wondering what’s gunna be the best all round size, between 75mm 102mm 114mm 125mm I only do light offroad atm, what size would you guys recomend

Oh I just want to also add along with the OP, is there a place to try on cranks that’ll work for our unicycle without actually buying it? Some of them are expensive, at least for me. Hard to actually experiment and see which crank is ACTUALLY the best for that specific person and the road.

Or do we have to join some sort of local unicycle club to do that?

By the way, if you haven’t noticed:

On a 26 muni I think you already have a good set of all around cranks. Personally I favor 140, but that’s not on your list. I’ve had a good time running 125’s on 26 and 29. I wouldn’t go shorter than that if you plan on riding any trails. I currently have 140/120 dual hole cranks on my 29, and to me it is the best single crankset I have.

Also worth noting is the relative cheap price on Quax lightweight cranks. They aren’t as robust as Ventures, but at the price you could get a few sets. They are really fine for road cranks.

You might want to get the 110/137 dual-holes. 14 miles is a long way on a MUni, I’d want the shortest cranks I can comfortably ride, but 110mm is pretty short for off-road.

137s is the all around size i think. It feels comfortable to pedal on most unis

You didn’t mention what your commute is like. Is it dirt? Any hills? If paved, are you using a muni only because it’s your biggest wheel?

Basically what he said. If it’s dirt, 110/137 would give you a nice range. If it isn’t dirt, I’d use 102s.

Cheers for the sugestions guys, John, its my biggest wheel atm, its got some up hill mainly pavement, but a bit of dirt aswell, ideallyid get some dual holes but money is tight atm, wich is why its between the 2sets I mentioned

Nate, that crank shop is a brilliant idea, cheers for that link found this in it

And its brilliant