All about grinds.

Here is the place to talk about nothing but grinding. Whether it be rails, ledges, combo’s or anything else related. Grinding is a big part of street riding and should have its own thread. Talk about street handrails, park rails, ledges…

I want to hear all about your tricks, combos, new stuff, stuff you have done, everything.


When should you grind on the pedal and when should you grind on the crank?

Wouldn’t it hurt the uni more to grind on the crank? Seems like I read about people bending cranks that way on here. I’m a noob, so what do I know…

I grind onthe pedal for rails, and grind on the crank for flat or near flat ledges just because its easier that way.


Does anyone know what the biggest rail is that has been grinded? i know that there is a big one in defect i think its like 22 steps or something.

I wish I could grind better. There’s hardly any place around here to grind except a lot of good handrails which I’m scared to grind because I don’t grind hardly at all. I do sometimes grind this ledge at the local park which is fun.

Yeah, that wasn’t very funny. Also, the correct word is pedals, not “petals”.

Even on some ledges I find that pedals slide much better - specifically cement ledges.

Iv never grinded before, but logic says that grinding rails with pedals and rough ledges with cranks would be the key. only because on rough ledges it would be killing your pins, but it woulnt be hurting your moments very much at all :wink:

ledges for crank, pedals for rails. but sometimes you miss so… who knows. i think when tricking out of a grind sometimes crank is easier (when starting out) but pedal will do less damage to your uni.

anyone considering flips into hand rails yet? im tempted. plus im back on the 20, i really want to join the tech revolution!

Flips into handrails! Yes! I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve found the perfect handrail, Its a nice thick 4 stair round rail with good run up and ride out.

I’ve also been thinking about fliping out of handrails, that would be mint, this guy brent has done it before, dunno about anyone else though.

btw, the rail in defect was a 15, I’ve grinded a 15 before. People have tried 18’s and 25’s, but I think the biggest one that people have landed is a 15.

I saw a guy from the koxx1 team grinding a MASSIVE rail, but it was just a picture so no clue if he landed it.

Grinding on pedal or crank… Crank is for when you wanna do tricks during a grind or out of a grind.

A lot of people grind ledges with their crank, but it feels so much smoother grinding on pedal. Never grind round rails on the crank because you’ll get stuck and you’ll end up breaking something.

Your meant to take out pins for grinding, if you don’t you’ll be left with a slippery pedal with no way to put on new pins.

And if you grind a ledge with your crank you’ll be grinding on your pedal as well.

Theres been quite a few people flipping into and out of rails.

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Alright a thread about the thing I do most!

Grinds are the shizz. I can’t crankflip yet but when I finally do I’m gonna huck one on one of the ledges on at my park. I haven’t found a rail that I could hit yet either. I just think I gotta work on my ups before I can hit a handrail.

I’ve always wanted to crankflip into a grind then unispin out with a back 180.

Lol we said handrails :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve fliped in and out of a lot of rails, never into a hand rail.

Lol we said handrails :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve fliped in and out of a lot of rails, never into a hand rail.

Almost the same thing.

I need to work on grinding more. I used to do it all the time when I had a grindplate on my pedal, but since I got my Konas and Snafus, I havent felt the need of making another plate or taking the pins out of my pedals.

Shaun has flipped into a handrail, and Loic has flipped out. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the rail in Defect was 16 stairs. I really need to improve my grinds. Last time I tried grinding a 5 stair rail (after landing 2 dings in a row) I cut my wrist open somehow and it was pretty messy with all that blood :stuck_out_tongue: .

Edit: then again, that was back when I thought you were supposed to grind on your crank…

Fliped into or out of? link plz?

Fliping into a hand rail is extremely hard.

And the rail in defect is a 15, the last step fades away.

I guess the rail Shaun flipped into should be considered a handrail, since it was a rail in a stairset, but it was a skatepark rail. (Xango Promo Vid)

Like Chris mentionned, it was actually a 15 stairs. Dan and all the production must have miscounted or I don’t know, because on one side (Which the cam was filming), it was a 16, but on the other (The one Mike C. was grinding) it was a 15.

Brent Gerett also attempted a 32’s, got to the 20th or 21st step but hitted his wheel on a pole. And I guess the guy from the Koxx-One team you’ve seen grinding a massive rail was Yoggi, there’s a pic on the K1 site where he is close to the end of the rail. But back in that time, he was doing them static, so he could have simply started from the end…

Anyways…I love handrails, today I did a 4 since it was the only thing I had. I felt bad because it was fresh painted and now there are two big pink scratches on it.