After one wheel: no wheels

Check out this amazing looking new (Sept 15, 2004) pogo stick. There are some nice videos: You can buy one at amazon for $299. And on Amazon’s site there’s even a review by Ashrita Furman (famous unicyclist and holder of the most records in the Guiness Book of Records record).


I saw Ashrita Furman working on setting a juggling pogo record in Central Park in 1989 or so. Can’t remember the details or if he succeded in breaking the record.

My Razor Airgo pogo stick from Sharper Image must pale in comparison against this new one. Except in price. Mine was only $100 and that was at an expensive store. If the Airgo is still out there, it’s probably a cheaper alternative, but I’d like to try out one of these new ones…

Meh, it’s a novelty.

my old pogo stick spring snapped and whipped me in the face lol

i look forward to getting the flybar and having been waiting for its realease since early july, but i most likely won’t recieve one untill christmas.

$299 seems kinda steep unless you are really serious. I think pneumatic pogo sticks are more reliable and wear less, too. Not to mention their lighter and lower-profile…

Those videos are great. I think the second last one could possible make a really nice unicycle trick. Like a unispin, just harder! Look how much air he gets, it’s not really all that much. I think someone will be able to do it on a unicycle. I’d love to see it.


:astonished: big jump


me and my mate unicycle, another mate pogo’s.

he’s got a Razo AirGo and it doesn’t go high but it takes the drops. He jumps off phone-boxes and other high stuff.

He’s gonna get an X-games stick - those things go about 5ft high!! there are about £50quid over here.

you should check, it’s a whole new world!

Unicycles are still better tho!


Great!!! Another new and exciting way for me to hurt myself.

I would rather put the three bills towards another uni, but I’d sure give it a try…

The only question is, which is geekier… the pogo or the uni?

as Murde posts from the unicycle forum

I got well bored with my pogo stick. It now only comes out if people are over and we’re drunk or bored or something.


I think that is an extremely valid point.