Aero position and handlebar setup for 36”

Has anyone set up a handle bar set-up to be in the classic aero position? I just got a KH36 and am looking to the future regards riding position for speed (or just aero position).
I would be interested to know if it is a stable position to stay in for extended periods of time. I’m wondering if there is much speed advantage. Even without speed advantage it looks efficient, similar to jockeys on a racehorse, downhill skiers, time trial b*cycling.



With some training, it becomes a really efficient and stable position. As you become more aerodynamic, you’ll gain some speed, too. It’s even better when you use clipless pedals as you can pull on them in a better way.

However, there are some drawbacks:

  • it makes the uni heavier ;
  • if you just go for a simple solution, it won’t be really stiff and that won’t be great. You’ll have to find some tips to make it stiffer - look at Jana’s bar which is attached to her frame.

To conclude: I’m convinced by the advantages of the aero bars but you’ll need to work out the set-up that suits you. There’s no solution out-of-the-box so you’ll have to work out yours.


This is a really fantastic position to be in when you want to ride fast on the flat.

An “aero” position is first of all a more stable position thanks to the extra support of the elbows and the hands. It allows a better distribution of the supports, so it makes less pain on the support areas and it would allow to lock the position (which facilitates the front/back balance) thanks to the supports (saddle, feet, elbows, hands).

As for the gain in terms of aerodynamics, it should be seen as a bonus. In my opinion, it is more important to be in a position that gives a lot of control, where you feel comfortable, than in a position that may be more aerodynamic but where you feel uncomfortable.


Thanks Maxence, much appreciated. I think I’m going to have fun working out and building my own setup.

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Thanks toutestbon,
How amazing is this forum!
I’m getting advice direct from the highest levels in the sport, awesome!

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I think the aerodynamic position lends itself to speed at the cost of long term comfort.
The moving of your balance point forward will force you to change your riding muscle memory to accommodate your forward position and it’s new balance point.

So yes, similar to a racehorse jockey, time trial biking, and downhill ski racing (not just skiing… racing) the aero position will help increase speed and decrease wind resistance.
So if you’re in a race or want to better your own personal speeds and times then sure, hunch right over, slick your hair back and paint on your clothes for an increase in speed with less resistance.

But if comfort and a more natural oneness with the wheel are desired then (I feel) a more upright and natural stance is in order.
My wheel feels the same under me whether I’m going 1kph or 20kph. Sure, I’m not going as fast as I possibly can, but that’s not my goal.
My goal is the oneness between my wheel and my body mechanics. The same feeling I have while walking.

This is just what works for me.

In my experience you do lose some stability. It is harder to maintain left/right balance, especially at lower speeds. It also seems that the type of tire used can make a big difference on left/right balance. A tire that is affected by road camber and automatically turns in the direction of lean it quite good for maintaining left/right balance with little effort. However a tire that is not affected by road camber and does not automatically turn in the direction of lean can be quite a challenge.

I’d guess that a paved surface with good traction would be easier to ride like this then a gravel or slippery surface.

Well… Yes, but no :grin:
Having aero bars does not implies you’re always in the aero position. You can switch between positions… So you’ll gain some comfort with aero bars :smiley:

That’s totally right.

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Get good at riding two handed with locked elbows first, then perhaps think about the aero bars. I tried it settimg it up once (admittedly just on a 24") but it made the whole balance of the uni very funny, and it was too weird for me to mount.

I did and I love it. Its very comfortable for longer road tours.

Here im

going really slow for the camera. It’s not unstable at all. In a strong headwind it’s really nice.

The only downside is that I have to be careful not to lean too much forward while turning. Going straight is not a problem.


That looks ideal! Nice! I see you are using the KH 30deg T-Bar with the end hard against the seat post. I have that, and I put a rubber end cap on the bar and use rubber strapping(old tyre tube) to cross tie to seat post. Could we please get a close up shot of how you attached the (off-the-shelf aero bars) to the T-Bar. What brand aero bars did you use? Cheers

I believe its a Tri force bar. You attach it just like the manuel says. No trick to it. However, not all bars fit the narrow kh bar.

The end against the bar has a rubber knob I made. Otherwise, it will make noises.
It’s a gripe I have with the KH bar - it doesn’t attach to the seat post.

Tempting. I love to experiment with new setups…
Seems it’s this aerobars FORCE TRI 25,4 Al, glossy black | Force (and found it in Denmark here: Force Tri Bar til racerstyr 22,2 - 25,4 mm - 199,00 : - They ship in the EU but I don’t know where @Pokalde is located :slight_smile:


How do you UPD with this long and wide installation in front of you?

You jump over it :smiley:
Usually, when UPDing, the t-bar/aerobars goes to the bottom and your legs and feet should be able to go over it without any issue.

BTW, I’d suggest you to use aerobars whose shape’s like this:

That’s lighter than “U” shaped aerobars so, when you’ll want to turn, your uni won’t try to go further than what you want :slight_smile:
(Not sure it’s clear enough, I haven’t find any clear way to say that in English :laughing: )

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Just like any other UPD - you go down.

But joking aside, the front goes down and away that in practice it isn’t an issue.
The elbow pads may touch your tights a bit, but nothing that will be felt.

I did get a bad bruise by “kicking” the handlebar doing a failed free mount.
Its only a red scar today, but it took a long time to heal. But it is like kicking iron with your shin.

These won’t fit on the KH bar.

Sure, but it can with some shims. I just wanted to insist on the shape of the bars - 2 straight lines instead of a “U” -, not on its compatibility.

I have tried with shims too. But you would need to make some custom like.
Honestly, I don’t know if they are better or not. But the u shape does look cool.

You could of course Just saw them in two…

You’re wrong. Shims with correct diameter already exists. I have some. They were provided with another set of aerobars - which were U-shaped and much heavier than what I liked.