Aero position and handlebar setup for 36”

Well, i couldn’t get any and I looked. The2 sets that came with the bar didn’t work.

Unlike Sam Wakeling’s set up below I don’t see much of an air resistance advantage but I like the added support on the front to take some of the weight off the saddle and to hold you back on the saddle.


I said it was nice with a headwind. I didn’t say anything about “air resistance advantages”.
It’s nice because I can lie down on my elbows in a stable position and just pedal - kinda like they do when in the pain cave.

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In a super strong headwind, especially with rain, I will place both hands onto the grab handle since I don’t have bars and just lean and do my best to approximate the aero position. It does help to streamline airflow a little, definitely noticeable.

This sounds like the best advantage of the aero bars, either in the full outstretched position (which I’m guessing requires a fair amount of training to attain) or in the more upright position - Spreading the load away from posterior must be a good thing, especially on long rides.

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The position I adopt in G36 (I don’t even have a profile picture…), it’s first of all to distribute the support points. It’s probably more aerodynamic, but at 30 km/h it’s more important to have good support to be more stable, more comfortable, to pedal harder, to go faster…

I would advise anyone who wants to switch to a “long handlebar position” to find a solution to stiffen the front end of the handlebar as much as possible. That’s why I asked @jaco_flans to make me a V-frame, it wasn’t to “slide under the wind”.

This winter I’m not riding my G36, I’m using a very light 36" with a handlesaddle L because it’s the stiffest long handlebar.

The rigidity of a long handlebar gives me more comfort to ride than the quality of the foam of the saddle.


I would stay home :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: