Adrien Delecroix 2011, Call out reponse for Christian Huriwai

Hello everybody,
Here is my call out reponse, I didn’t have so much time to film, but I hope you will like it.

Link :



Love it! Seatwhip was dope and 1080 side. Also every street clip was really good, I love your street! Is there going to be a thread where you can vote and stuff?

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
hmm Chris told me how to do, but I don’t really remember how to do :confused: .

Beauty vid, eh? I kinda thought there was no way you were gonna match up to Chris’s but you did, at least in my mind. Loved the seatwhip, how smooth, eh?


That was so amazing! I really liked the fast pace, it made everything seem even more insane. the 1080 sides were really clean, and the seatwhip looked so awesome!

Holy crap, I just realized it was a flip-underflip down the 5 :open_mouth:

It’s not too hard, just make a new thread and put the link to both videos in it, then at the bottom you can choose the option to make a poll. :slight_smile:

I’m happy you like it :slight_smile: .
Yes Julia it was a flip underflip down the 5 stairs. :slight_smile:
For the Poll, I think I’ll make it tomorrow, because here now it’s very late and I need sleeping, good night everybody. :slight_smile:

Great video for sure! Of course all the technical stuff was awesome, but I think the best looking trick was the 180 flip down the 5. The most stylish one I’ve seen, and really cool how the back foot came off early and kind of just hung there before the flip. Love it, fantastic Adrien!


Great video! :smiley: I LOVED the fulloutbacksideflip to fakie at 1:50. :sunglasses: Its like you didn’t even look at the uni while you did the trick, which is amazing considering how much is going on during that trick.

This video has just such a good feel to it. I love the music (fits perfect and is very motivational: “Still gettin it!”), editing, filming, and riding. The tech tricks are just :astonished: I just love the sejsides- although I know Adrien doesn’t like the term sej :o- up and down the box.

Overall video wise I like this better than Chris’s video. It’s really a toss up between going big and the tech. Adrien is much better at the harder tricks, but Chris takes all his tricks off big obstacles making them look awesome.

Incredible…can’t wait to watch it on the computer rather than my phone. Can’t even tell that its flip-underflip down the 5…looks like a quad. :stuck_out_tongue: great to see a sej up something. Just through a side in for good measure… Madness.

Sweet response! I wish it was longer >_<

sick!!! every clip was awesome, and the edit too.
I order you to make more vids!

One of the best videos ever! :astonished: Crazy riding, filming, editing and the music fitted very well! :smiley: Can’t wait for more vids!

I think for non unicyclists christians videos is better and for people who can see the tricks adriens. Because off this me vote goes to adrien but i also think that you cant realy vote on such different styles.

So technical! Ofcoarse you had to throw a “seat whip/max whip” in! love the video so much i watched it 3 times before i even got half way through. I have no idea who i would vote for. adrien you did a great job with the editing too.

Oh my god dont call it max whip

But adrien insane video, i cant wait to see more from you bud :smiley:

If this is a “I didn’t have so much time to film” video I really look forward to your part in UINAC!!! :smiley: It was sick!! I really dunno if I’m gonna vote for you or Chris :confused:

I know i realized after i had already posted. I should have made use of that edit button on that one.