Adrien Delecroix 2011, Call out reponse for Christian Huriwai

Adrien had mentioned he flip underflipped a 5 set on film over 3 months ago. This project has a couple months of time for development.

Hello Shaun :slight_smile:
Yes you’re right, I landed a flip underflip on a 5 set 3 or 4 months ago, But it was for another project :slight_smile: . This one is new, I filmed it last week, if you don’t believe me, you can ask my girlfriend she filmed it :), or you can ask also some friends who were there when I landed it :).
Or I can send you the clips without editing and you can see the date and the hour when i filmed it ( thursday 1 september, 17h13 ).

If you have any others questions, let me know.
See you :slight_smile:

I forget to say, so this project doesn’t have a couple months of time for development.

Unicycle tutorial

Can anyone show me any good unispin or crankflip tutorials?:slight_smile:

I like Adrien’s better. The whip seals it for me. Chris has some awesome bails though. If I had any like those I’d have stopped.


More are on the way also. Those might help you.

Hey different project is fine, still spans time then. Also when you are 180ing, either late 180 flipping, or 180ing out of rails get the full 180. The 90 out of the rail and late 90-100 flip down the 5 really messes up the line, you’re lucky you had a filmer (panning) for that, tripod would have seen those much more easily. Secondly try to slide the whole rail rather than popping off. Thirdly when “grinding” try to reduce the amount of time between when you’ve stopped sliding and when you throw the trick out, it flows more. But still sick hick triple out of stall. Fourthly, street does not have hops in it, especially prehops. Of course these are just comments judging on the street aspect, I don’t have merit to judge on a misc. video.

jo shaun where did adrien do prehops in street :D?
and who say that street don´t have hops :smiley: are you the god of street who say what street has to be and what not :smiley: ?
also with 180s and late tricks its the same :smiley: it mess up the trick if for example a late trey is not late.

Hello Shaun,
At first I agree with all what Matti Said.
When I make a video, I know that there will be good and bad comments, so for me all comments are good to take for make a better video next time. :slight_smile:
But sometimes you talk for nothing… it’s a big problem my 180s miss 5cm to get full 180s ? For me it doesn’t strike me…
For the filming, yes i’m lucky that my girlfriend agree to film me with the tripod ( Thank you Bedia, I love you ) :slight_smile: .
For the rail, yes, if I could slide the whole rail, I would do it, but the white one was not sliding ( slide ) so much, we put wax on but it didn’t change.
I think I didn’t reduce so much the amount of time when I land on the rail for slide, I think it’s normal. I ride a bit faster, I land 30 cm longer than the rail, but I don’t see any problem to it, all rider do it.
And thank you for the comment about the hick triple out of the little grind :slight_smile: .

Now i’ll tell you something :
Like matti said : " are you the god of street riding ? " He is right you don’t have to say to all riders how he has to ride street. All rider on the earth have their own style, and ride street how they want.

Me I would like to become friend with you, but why are you angry on me ? Tell me, what I did wrong ? this I would like to know.
And I know, I’m not the only guy that you don’t like… That’s why we would like to know what wrong we did to you.

I’m sure we could become really nice friend, but sometimes you react a bit like a child…
So maybe we should try to write together more often, to understand us better and so.
But you have to know that if it’s for play " comments battle " I don’t have time to loose. And I don’t want to play this game.
So Shaun, think about it.

PS : I’m again sorry, because my english is sometimes not good.


Adrien Delecroix for président !

Haha Chris :stuck_out_tongue: We are still waiting the answer of him…