Addaboys or silence when observing MUni

Hey, is there a consensus on what to do when you’re watching someone ride a line on the trail? I always like passing on the “Nice Job”, yet out a yowl when someone rides or completes the line.

Anyone think this is a distraction to the rider or motivational?

Personally, I appreciate the positive feedback and silence is okay, too.

previewing hours of tape, I have come to this conclusion:

95% of the time, the filmer( I am way guilty) (or spectator should there be no camera) says ‘niiiiiiiice!’

During the actual line they are silent, holding their breathe in anticipation for the ‘niiiiiiiice!’ or the ‘Ohhhhhhhh!’

I appreciate an attaboy at any and all times. It shows encouragement and sharing in the success.


On Sunday while Marquez was hopping down a set of stairs he came off about halfway down. After he came up he told us it was our fault because we were boostin. So I would say it depends on the rider.

I have probably been caught on tape saying “NICE!” at least 2378 times :smiley:

here # 1865 :wink:

I definatly like the encouragement.

It’s a well known fact in Santa Barbara that when I (matt) say anything like “NICE” or “YOU GOT IT”, the rider is destined to fall mid phrase. Of course for some reason i don’t let that stop me from doing it. I’ll show you next time you come up to SB! :slight_smile:


yup sounds about right to me… my mate lewis does it all the time, when were learing new skills like 1 footing and wheelwalking… finally that 5 push or revolution etc. is achieved… “AHH YES” and wham your spat out onto the concrete/hall floor. lol

I like to yell, “YOU SUCK!!!”

Then I run away.

I say “shout it out”. No need to restrain yourself. This is not tennis or golf - it’s a fast, exciting sport. The rider should get used to comments. Non-riders will not be aware of the “decorum” and they are definitely going to say something when they see a good muni or trials move.

Everyone’s missed the issue of Stylish UPD’s. ‘bad luck’ et al is fair enough if someone just failed to complete a section, but how about the points scored for style, technical difficulty and crowd response for falls involving long distance dives, rolling landings and mid-air acrobatics?


Now that’s a competition I might be able to do well in! :astonished: :smiley: :wink:

Not me, I’ve been giving out style points for years. If a person’s going to fall, they might as well get some credit for the way they do it. This is where the term “unicycle bowling” comes from.

Speaking of competition, we did have a unicycle bowling competition at the 2003 NAUCC in Minnesota. The object was to ride fast up to a line, at the top of the big grassy hill, and jump off the unicycle. You were scored on how far down the hill the unicycle went. There was some risk to the unicycles here, and at least one of them ended with a bent part (the guy who won; bent seat post).

who’s the ‘holy crap, dude’ guy in the backround?

known as the ‘Commentators Curse’ this is by no means limited to unicycling
it is good to know that like the mythical ‘healing hands’, there are people blessed with this paranormal abillity in the unicycling world

not being involved in this side of the sport at all i wouldn’t know if there is some ‘unspoken rule’ out in the bush
when this becomes a more watched (olympic:) ) sport, riders will have to get use to crowd noise
alltho, taking a leaf from Snooker’s book, this makes sense as well

as an added benefit, it also creates more of a sense of anticipatory suspense in the crowd
nothing as loud as a silent crowd

or DUUUUUUDE!!!. i think i would like to be encouraged if there were spectators