A Uk Video

In the day in the city thread i posted a while ago i think i got a few riders buzzing about making a vid.As the summer season is coming up i think we should try and start making new footage/digging up ol’ stuff and really try and get a good sellable video show casing the best of the uk!I think we should use the idea that the rider them selves edit’s there own section then sends it to person X and they edit all together and we try and sell it…so is anyone in? and who wants to be mr x?

We’re doing a similar thing in Australia. About 7 riders including myself are putting together a pretty short DVD with all of our best stuff condensed into a few 5 minute-ish long sections. We’re also going to include a few tutorials in there. The DVD is aimed at really helping to promote unicycling in Australia and will be sold through Manly Cycles and www.unicycles.com.au . Alex Toms, one of the riders, is doing the DVD authoring and we’re all editing our sections individually and sending them in to him. It’s exciting…but it probably won’t leave too many people wanting a copy of my DVD. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your project! Maybe we can swap movies when they’re all done.


Ben, I’ll do some video stuff!

This year im going to try and get some good, if not great videoing done! I’ll get some good software too…

I guess Mr X will need a good computer, and DVD write… (just a guess, as I dont know what it really involves)

This is (hopefully) going to ROCK!


Ill do some freestyle :wink:


I’ll unleash some of my fury for your vid, I’m always up for helping UK unicycling

I really want to make a muni video. I’ve not really any clue as to how - trials ones seem much easier - but there definitely aren’t enough muni videos floating around.



Well we could probli get some footage @ bmw like in universe 2 when they have the moab section.Phil we could put some muni in our sectons well that is if I am good enough to be in the video!Even if i am not i will be glad to film you.

Yeah, Sounds cool! I think there definately are a few people who are well up for that but I do know of some who are a bit sceptical saying that we dont have the standard…we’ll show them!
come up to BMW cumbria and we should get some really nice footage with some nice views in the background hopefully :smiley:
Sounds good.

i think this idea is wicked! i expressed interest when it was first brought up. the only problem is i dont have enough footage yet, so my question is do we have the summer to film? the club i go to is fairly late at night so weve only had about 5 or 6 weeks of daylight, one day a week to do filming so im a bit short.

anyway, im lookin foward to makin my section and seeing the finished product!!!



im allready making a vid guys, its called warrantee, ground zero… ive got bits and pieces for it. i posted a thread a while ago about it but everyone ignored me. so, here goes again:

My company is called broad day light video, and as of september this year i will start full scale filming for my first warrantee vid, ive allready got stuff from both bucs and local plymouth stuff.
when the holiday season finishes and im relaeased from my job, me and my film crew will be packing our gear into a van and touring the country, to meet up with anyone who wants to be involved, and film at your locals spots doing your thing.
if anyone wants us to come to them, wants to join us on the road, has any footage they would like to send me, or is in a band or knows some one who is and would like to give us some music…
email me at:


i hope to have the video out by this time next year…

Hey, North - THE man!
congrats on the ‘pro’ dealy thing. Just thought I would say that in this thread, as I am posting here anyways, and am too lazy to go find that thread again, and click ‘reply’.

Anyways, I would love to be in your film.
I’m not sure how far North you are going to come, North, but if you come up to Newcastle, we can ride around the Quayside area. Its really nice these days. Good trials and nice backgrounds.

I’m sure Roger and Simon would be up for some filming in Stockton too. There is really good Muni there, such as Guisborough Woods and Roseberry Topping.

I’ve got 6 weeks of school left, and then I’m free! Sure we could fix something up…

I’ll also do some filming for the UK riders vid in that time.


ill go as far north as neccessary guys, but itll be after the summer when my work finishes.

hey you guys have totally jacked this thread, I think we should get back to the point, I’d like to see this go through so lets get down to business. Who is gonna put it all together?

How about Australia? :slight_smile: That video of yours sounds great. Good luck.


Yeah, back to the original topic, It’s difficult to get the filming in obviously but we should try and do as much as posible at the events e.g B.M.W cumbria. I think we could get a lot of really good Muni in there and hopefully with views of the lake district in the background and maybe an element of real danger in there aswell…

Uh… Australia is south of the UK.

But if you head north and keep going you’ll end up in Australia eventually. :slight_smile: Sorry to pull this thread off topic. In an attempt to bring it back, how much will these two DVD’s cost? Will they be available in Australia?


Ah but once you hit the North Pole anywhere from there is south. Think about it.

errr… hello… some one listen to me?? BROAD DAY LIGHT video is going to put it together, edit, produce, distribute… you guys just get me the footage, or arrange with me to come get the footage, preferably on dv tape. what cameras do people have?

as for australia, how many riders you got out there? whats the standard like? can you put me and a few cameramen/riders up for a few weeks? and is there any good surf near by?

no where is out of the question guys, as long as the riding is worth it.

I thought that “broad daylight” was only doing your video, I never read anything about them sayin they would put the UK video together. Am I mistake or does it say that you will compile it?