A Uk Video

fair enough it doesnt directly say i will compile it, but it does imply it. but we will. happy now?

Is there any good surf near by? It’s Australia man! Of course there’s good surf! As for the riding… not sure Andrew seems reasonably good, and some of the guys in the eastern states, but here in western australia I don’t think we have many fantastic riders.

No, it’s not worth you coming to Australia (although it’d be great)…I was just joking really.


Scottish filming

Hey if anyone wants to make or be in a scottish film, I’m at Paisley Uni studying Media Technology so I get access to sparkly DV camcorders and editting equipment.

I can edit footage at home but I need to capture, burn to DVD/record to VHS at uni.

I also get to borrow their equipment over the summer for a week at a time.

So if anyone in scotland (EvilEwan? KlownLife?) wants to do anything give me a shout so I can organise booking cameras, etc.

Nice one.


North, as for cameras, I just use a Canon A60 for my videos. The ones that you can see on the web have been compressed, so are not of great quality, but uncompressed they are ok. Nothing like a DV camera though!


hey north don’t worry bout it man, I was just checking you seem to know what you are doing so I’m glad that you’ll be responsible for getting it together I wasn’t dissing you in anyway what so ever, as for Dark T I’d quite happily take part in a scottish vid, it would be worth getting Ewan though, he’s one of the best in the country right now.

no problem klown life…
ok guys, i just purchased me a big new shiny editing station and im ready to start recieving anything anyones got to send, so heres what i want:

send anything you have, preferably on mini dv, or vhs to:

will mott
p6 challabourgh bay holiday park
nr bignury on sea
tq7 4hu

stick in a note, with a bit of description of whats on the tape(s)
names of riders, names of tricks etc.
it doesnt have to just be riding guys, lifestyle stuff too, drunken messing about anything of that nature, not that i condone ppl hurting themselves on film, but its fun isnt it?

as for a scottish video, if you get it together tom and you wanna talk the exchange of cash for production rights, give me a shout.

now onto important issues:

i need tunes guys, if your in a band, or have mates who are, or rap, play the trombone, whatever… stick some stuff on cd, whack in a note about the band…
name, website, anything you want for exposure for your band and send it to my man at the above address…

dont feel left out if your not in the uk, send stuff anyway… the more i get, the better the vid for you guys!

i seem to remember trev saying a while back he was filming stuff for universe 2, your only in for a split second mate, so is the other stuff available for the uk vid?


hey north, what sort of style music were you wanting, cos lewis and i always writing new stuff, of practically every genre, if we had something to work on, wed get our arses into recording it all ,im sure you could have a demo in the post fairly soon

im tempted to give you a link to some of ourmusic online, but its crap cos the recording are of such low quality and its before we were musicians of any calibre.

Cool, North.

I’ll get some stuff together asap!

I’ll find some good ‘lifestyle’ stuff too! :stuck_out_tongue:


any type of music is good guys.
rock (particularly harder stuff) rap and reggae are all good.
what can you do me on that front?
and how about if i write some lyrics? can you put em to music?

ive got a thirty two track digital recording studio, but youd have to come to devon… lol

im liking the footage guys… keep it coming!

yeah send me some lyrics i can have a go with em, i have some contacts with some recording studios or people with nice shiny multitracks etc… if i really need to get something pro done. email me at jenova31(at)hotmail.com if want to send some lyrics. i can put soem rough recordings of what we can do on my website , and u can say wheteher nwant more or not.


Anyone any further forward with this?
I know I aint! :frowning:

I’m getting some footage soon hopefully. Some good Muni on saturday!!

North, is this video still on? (we still doing it?)



I was wondering about this and also the magazine that we all did a questionnaire for. Can’t recall seeing a post from North for ages.

yeah guys its all still on. i cant get online much cos of my job, so ill post what info i can, when i can. ive started work on the mag and the video.
doing my own filming and photographing atm (ive also secured the services of a non unicyclist photographer called daryl). ive bought and set up my laptop and editing station, so im all ready to go, i just need the stuff from you lot. im also organising some transport, so i can start moving around to ride and film…
dont lose faith in me guys, im working on it all!!

Good to hear it North! Can’t wait for all this stuff to happen! Keep us posted! Take it easy :slight_smile:

Indeed, it is good to hear from you.

The weather lastely has been completely crap, so I have not got as much footage as I would like yet.

Dont worry, North, I have faith in you! :smiley:

See ya soon hopefully.