A Short Video of the Coaster Unicycle

This, as the title states, is a video of the SWAT coaster unicycle. It was filmed over a period of 2 days and edited together in about an hour. This is the first video that I have ever made (well, the first time I even ever opened up the program to edit it), so if it sucks, that is why. It was made in Windows Movie Maker with the help of Tim.

The film is about 1 minute and 40 seconds long.

Also, the music contains the “f” word one time at the end, so if you are offended by that, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let me know what you guys think of it!

The Coaster Video

1st Post! W007!

Sweetness. Random thought: Could you put a brake on it like on kids bikes where you pedal backwards to slow down? Or is this a bad idea that’s gonna get someone killed…?

Interesting. How hard is it to learn? How does it compare with bc wheeling and regular coasting?

Nice work, guys. Now it’s my turn to learn … :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kind of like learning to unicycle all over again. You think it is really hard, but when you get it, you realize it was pretty easy. I know that Kyle Grasso learned in less than a day, and it took me about a week with seriously trying.

Heh, couldn’t tell you. I’ve never really ridden a BC wheel, and I can’t coast on a regular unicycle.

Well, I was thinking about putting a hand brake on it, but then I remembered that I use my arms for balance more than anything, and having one of them taken up for a brake would really throw me off, methinks. I cannot really think of how to implement such a brake as you have suggested. Although, I’m sure someone on the forum could definately figure it out.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

What if you put like a normal uni v-brake, on it but instead of mounting the handle under the seat, hold it in your hand. Just a thought.


I think that if I just kept it loose like that, the handle or brake cable would get annihilated after a few falls…especially if the uni flips around like it does in the last fall of the video; that messed some things up, nothing beyond the point of fixing. I think that maybe mounting it would prolong the life of the brake, but it would also make it harder to ride. I could try that out when I get some brakes, though.

That’s just sweet, nice goin’. :slight_smile:

Heh, that’s pretty awesome. A friend of mine is planning on building one soon. Do you have any suggestions for learning?

dang , thats a small wheel…

Seems to me, that a wheel of the same size (that you normally ride) wouldn’t require ‘re-learning’

thx for the vid :slight_smile:

Looks like fun, I’d like to see what else you can do with it!

One comment about the video… why bother putting 30 seconds of credits together FOR ONE MINUTE OF VIDEO! Ferchrissakes!

Keep filming the wheel, I wanna see more!

Cool, couple of questions tho:
why is your wheel so small? which is probably directly related to:
what hub are you using?
ive got a coker wheel man hub on mine (anyone who was at the last southwest uni meet will have seen it)
also ive got a magura hydro with the handle mounted under the seat, it stops the whole thing flying off, and means you can start peddling again after coasting… ive not yet fully taken time to learn to ride it properly, but i can go for a bit on it… it is like learning to unicycle all over again tho!

I was gonna start my own thread, but this one will do. I just finished making my own coaster uni, which I think has the same or similar hub as SWAT’s. It came from a Huffy Green Machine (SWAT’s came from a green child’s tricycle found in a dumpster). It came with a 20" wheel. I haven’t had a chance to learn to ride it yet, but I went ahead and attached the brake that came with the green machine. I’m not sure if it’s helpful or not, so far it seems to be in the way. I think I’ll take it off until I learn to somewhat ride it, then try using the brake to see if it helps. Right now the handle and shaft is just duct taped to the seat post. I’ll post some pictures soon.

Mainly it is because I couldn’t find a 28 spoke 20" rim (the coaster rim is a 16" 28 spoke rim). This kind of bothers me, as the frame would fit a 20" wheel. If I can find one of these, I will definately re-lace the hub into such a rim.

There are a few reasons; first, to get a feel for video editing. To show people the coaster is not the only reason I made this video. I wanted some practice with video editing. Also, I wanted to end the video at a good part of the song. At the point where I cut the song off, there is still about 2.5 minutes remaining in the song.

Hmm…I dunno, I try to not think when I am riding it. This is because you will naturally try to balance yourself. If you watch my arms in the video, you’ll see that I move them the way that I need to adjust my balance to.

I disagree. I think even if it was a 20" or 24" wheel, it would still be just as hard to ride. This is because you only pedal it for a few seconds to get started, and then when you coast, your feet are stationary. The thing that really got me was that there is absolutely no back pressure because of the coasting hub. Of course, you can begin pedaling again, if you are coasting on a flat surface, or if you want more speed.

I think that would be the best idea. If you were to learn to ride it with the brake, I feel that you would be very dependant on it, and not concentrate fully on the actual riding of the unicycle. I will be trying this soon…soon being when I get a brake kit.

I have an old schwinn rim, 20’’, 28 spoke. Christmas break.

Got one of those too. Thanksgiving.

I wanta try …

I should keep my eye out for ‘dumpster parts’.
(we get alot of thrown away bikes around here)

That is such a cool video. The ride looks like a gas. It was neat having music in the video even though it was very short. Like you say, a good exercise in learning editting.

how many holes are in the hub? and how did you get hold of it?
will huffy sell me one?

It is a 28 hole hub (to go with the 28 spoke rim). I got it out of someone’s trash a few months ago. Of course huffy will sell you one.

I really want to make one from the green machine too. Did you buy just the wheel from huffy because i wanted to do that but you need the cerial number to get replacement parts. If you did that do you still have the cerial number?