A plan for all of us for this weekend...

Okay, here’s the plan.

We all post our goals for this weekend in this thread. Then on monday or before if you accomplish it sooner, tell us. :slight_smile:

I’m planning to go for a muni ride on the weekend and do some trials out the front of my house. I want to:

What are you all going to do?


Re: A plan for all of us for this weekend…

Ride the Chilly Hilly on my Coker.

Re: A plan for all of us for this weekend…

I’m heading down to Exeter for a bit of fun and games


Well, mine aren’t as hard as yours but oh well. I plan to learn to ride 1 footed. If I get that down any earlier than monday I’ll look into wheel walking. I feel this - try to get it done by monday - thing is probably gonna help my motivation. Thanks alot Andrew!


I’m spending the weekend at a mountainbike race where I hope to get in quite a bit of MUniing. My goal is to not get tooooooo drunk and fall in the campfire :smiley: ::smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Re: A plan for all of us for this weekend…

i’m attending a dan winter seminar on sacred geometry on saturday , climbing on sunday morning and attending a friends 4-yearly b’day bash in the afternoon

i have a better chance of falling in that camp fire than getting to the uni

My goal is to finally find the time to ride.

Damn deadlines!! :angry:

I’ve been mapping the trails (using a GPS and a PDA to record the ones that I’ve ridden on) in Bluff Point State Park in Groton, Connecticut, and, if I don’t make my legs dead, plan on doing more trails Saturday and Sunday, with the possibility of Monday, too. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m hoping that U-Turn will join me for some of it, he knows the area much better than I do. :frowning:

I also plan on doing some ballroom dancing Saturday night. Hmmmm, hey, didn’t I hear somebody saying they were going to annoy some dancers? :astonished: Must look into this and do something about it. :angry: :wink:

Bad Jayne, evil mean nasty Jayne!!:wink: There was that enough for you? Harrrummph! :smiley: Giggle, giggle!

Owen and I are going here


to see if we can do anything. It’s reserved from 0700-1000 for bikes. If experience is any indication, Owen will be rippin’ and I’ll putz along trying not to get hurt. Will file a report Sun or Mon.

Good post andrew I was just about to post something like this.

Work on my seat out hopping.
Improve on my grinding.
jump some stairs and
I might be doing some muni riding too. Its kind of funny because I live about 1/2 mile away from a pretty big mountain range called mount diablo but I hardly ever go riding on it. Here it is

I also want to land a unispin and work on this twirley worley trick, which you hop up onto a table and spin your uni around while stading on it, I think it was on the U2 trailor.

Here’s the weekend plans:

A regional wrestling tournament, we have tickets to the Northern Illinois Univ. women’s basketball game against Central Michigan, two hours of floor hockey, ministry team at two church services, and three soccer games. That’s just the fun stuff. Then we’ve got homework and science fair projects on top of that.

It’ll almost be nice to get back to the office on Monday morning just to relax.


I’m going to do some close-to-home Issaquah Woods Riding (http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuq62) on Saturday, then go see wonderful professional juggler Rhys Thomas perform. http://www.jugglemania.com/

Then Sunday I’m going back to the St. Edward’s lake trail hill that shamed me two weeks ago, and I’m gonna ride the suckah top to bottom and bottom to top. Need to do it without witnesses, while John Childs is busy with other things…

My goal for this weekend is to ride across the paving in front of my house unsupported. It will only be about 10 to 12 metres or so, but I’ve only been learning since last Sunday. My stretch target is to ride to the end of the street.

Nope - that won’t do it. I’m bad to the bone and really thick skinned. You aren’t the ballroom dancer I want to annoy anyway.

Have you ever thought of ballroom dancing while on a unicycle? Could make quite a spectacular display.


just a drop of backround to jayne’s ‘ballroom dancer’ comments before anyone gets the wrong idea

the juggling club’s been meeting at the Roosevelt Park Recreation centre since it’s inception a lil’ over 8 years ago (the club’s, the centre’s been there forever)
and for all that time we’ve been using the ‘main’ hall
with the stage and the wooden floor
nice size
when u have 25-30 jugglers and unicyclists in there, it’s nice and full and busy
also using the facilities of this centre is a lady giving ballroom dancing lessons (and a seniors’ bridge club and Alcoholics Annonymous - thursday nights in that place is like the twilightzone)
she has about 3 people on a thursday night and she’s been conducting a campaign to get us thrown out of the main hall into a side room (third the size) so she can have the hall because ‘if she has more space, she will get more students’

so, please understand that our intention to irritate ballroom-dancers is balroom-dancer specific and should not be seen as a slur against dancers in general


Three students?!?, sounds like she should move to the smaller room.:frowning:

Hmmm, let’s see, Arnold S. and Jamie Lee C. in True Lies II doing Tango on unicycles - - - Shudddddder :astonished: :astonished: :D:p

Re: A plan for all of us for this weekend…

I am going to try to get my MUni back from the Council. They are holding it for a $70 ransom because I rode it on the footpath in the Central Business District (in town). The mistaken police-folk thought it was a skateboard and stole it off me in their ignorance. A guy from the council is writing up an agreement to give me back my Unicycle for free as long as I agree not to ride on the footpath, and if I do get it confiscated again I will have to pay $105 + the $70 they are letting me off this time. I don’t know if I will agree to that, so maybe I better check with the Senior Sergeant at the Police station and a lawyer before agreeing with their Skateboard nonsense. I want my $35 back which I paid the first time when they stole it before the Juggling festival, which I only paid to get it back in a hurry, not because I thought I was riding a skateboard. Apart from that I have no special plans.

This weekend I want to finally try a skinny that’s like ten feet off the ground. It’s soo scary. It would be very easy to ride, because it’s about five inches wide. But it’s soo scary.

I also want to try my luck at a 5 foot drop I’ve been looking at for a while, and see if I can come out of that alive.

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Man, I’m really sorry, I hope you get it back. Ask them to point out where in the law it states it’s a skateboard. If it is classified a skateboard then I would sign the agreement on the basis you get your $35 back, or try to bargain that bit. If you dont get that back I’d still sign the agreement, providing that it is classified as a skateboard.

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yeah, speak to your lawyer about making sure the agreement includes ‘without prejudice’ or words to that effect
saying that u’re not agreeing with the facts of their original charge and that no such agreement may be inferred from your acceptance of this agreement
it gets kinda complicated
get a lawyer to sort it out
and dont pay him till u have your machine back

and then put a daisy in their fine-book