A plan for all of us for this weekend...

Lloyd from the council made it clear that the agreement will include “without prejudice”, but I feel that the skateboard bylaw is being used in a prejudiced way. Police have a prejudice against anyone who looks different, whether they are causing trouble or not. I’m thinking of writing up my own agreement for him to sign, in which he gives back my $35 and my unicycle “without prejudice”, and allows me to ride on the footpath at any time unless I am causing trouble, in which case I could be arrested for disorderly conduct or something like that.

I haven’t done anything this weekend related to getting the unicycle back, but I did go for a spontaneous crazy ride last night, that wasn’t part of the weekend plan. I rode my crappy 24" ‘skateboard’ to Paritutu, climbed it, then I rode the coastal roads out to Oakura, probably about 15km. There are storms and cyclones brewing and it was raining constantly. I got there in about an hour and I stopped at a bar for a drink of water, saturated and dripping wet. On the way back there was a headwind, and it was a battle ‘skateboarding’ into the wind up hills and stuff. It was good to get home and get dried off, most of my stuff is still wet though. My Kris Holm saddle soaked up water like a sponge.

It’s early Sunday afternoon and so far we’ve hit just about everything on the list…one more soccer game and some leftover homework to go. Weather was and is beautiful, about 55 degrees and sunny. We may even get to do some riding around the neighborhood after soccer and before it gets dark.

Laugh of the weekend: We went to see the NIU Huskies women’s basketball game yesterday. Mary was joking about going to see the husky women play. When we walked into the Convo Center, the pre-game jazz band was playing Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”. Coordinated or coincidence, we’re not sure but it sure was funny.


The weather this weekend was awesome in my area.
I finally landed a unispin and they are so much fun!!!Which was one of my plans.

I also improved on my seat out hoppin but im not completely comfortable with it yet.

Unfourtunatley I didn’t get a chance to muni this weekend like I hoped because I didn’t want to go by myself.

But I thought this was a very good weekend for me.


I managed to ride with one foot for 13 revolutions although after the first day of trying I didn’t find myself doing it, just where there was a nice straight road to go down one footed on. I didn’t even look at wheel walking since I’m gonna get good at riding with one foot first. I went on a big ride yesterday and got the worst headache… 37 degrees isn’t good stuff to be riding around in! That’s 99 degrees for you Americans out there and others who havn’t yet started to use the metric system!

I managed to map some more of Bluff Point, these are links to what I’ve done so far:
The Map
All the red lines are where I’ve either MUnied or MTBed (MTB is faster, but, as we all know, MUni is more fun), the little red flags are either points of interest (benches and stuff) or intersections of paths I haven’t ridden yet.
Boy, am I GOOD!
I’m so good that I cycled way out into Long Island Sound!! At least that’s what the GPS said I did. :astonished: :thinking: :smiley: :sunglasses: Not only that, I thought I’d stopped and it said I was still going, how about that? Of course the computer (it’s only a little PDA) could be wrong - nah, couldn’t be, computers are never wrong are they?!:smiley: