A Little Taste of G-Spot (Muni)

This morning (Sunday), Josh, Morgan and I touched on G-Spot for the first time in a while. This will be one of the featured rides on the LA Muni Weekend, and it’s intimidating but a blast. Not so much a standard single track as a stunt course (a favorite with hard core MB dirt jumpers) tumbling down a mountain. Josh has pics . . .


Did you really have to say it like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

damn where is that f****** g-spot?

you guys are lucky to have touched it…

Gallery link: http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=288501

GSpot is one of those trails that frustrates, scares and taunts you. One minute, you’ve mastered it, but the next you’re spitting sand after rolling off a cliff without committing. It’s not quite like the Santa Barbara trails, but it packs every bit as much challenge, and most of it is psychological.

Slowly, we’re creeping up on our goal of riding 98% of the “main” trail, which includes cliffs, huge drops, steeps with the consistency of beach sand, and dirt jumps thrown in everywhere. After watching Kris Holm rip it up here late last year, we know what’s possible, and what our goals should be.

Every ride yields improvements, with new sections slowly falling within the reach of our improving skill set. Today, watching John and Morgan execute flawless rolls down sections of trail that I deemed far above my own abilities less than a year ago was incredible - they inspire me to push beyond the bleeding edge of my comfort zone (pun intended).

If you miss LA Muni weekend, you will miss out on some truly exceptional trails.

Man you california guys make me jealus every day it seems…

Looks cool! Who’s that in the middle picture?

Now I’m getting impatient for Moab munifest…

Sweet pix fellas! Not many people capture the real steepness of trails in pictures, but u guys obviously do. Can’t wait to ride with y’all again!

Why don’t you guys EVER shoot video??? :thinking: Pictures are ok, but we’d sure like to actually SEE you guys riding these trails!

I wouldn’t. Pictures are much better in my opinion, they let you see the steepness and difficulty of the trail, and capture the feeling of muni much better in my opinion. they are also more enjoyable because you don’t have annoying things like music and shaky camera footage.

Whao! I couldn’t disagree more! With that logic, why have video at all, or ANY film or movie for that matter;, just a slide show maybe? Pictures are useful, but without movement you only have “snapshots” of moments in time, (Perfect for a photo album, i.e., baby pictures, weddings, family pics, etc) not the whole story. But again, I respectfully disagree.

This trail is a real gem! I feel that to do anything less than an amazing filming job on this trail would be an absolute crime. The time and effort that it would take to accomplish said appropriate filming, would perhaps be more than the local fellows are willing to spend.

I know this is a bit off topic, but check out this amazing example of good filming:

I would love to have these guys film gspot!

I tried to view it but it won’t load! And I really want to see it.

I work in TV production and the last thing I want to do is start shooting home movies on the weekends and editing same. We can hardly be bothered to shoot the odd pic. It’s fun to dash off some funny busines and post a few photos and build the stoke for Muni, which as an adventure sport is truly in its infancy. But beyond that we can’t be bothered because the riding is the point, after all.


man i wish i could ride g-spot like you guys do :wink:

That’s right. Photos for detail, but video to see how the trail actually rides.

Still bumming about the fact that I can’t make the LA MUni Weekend… :frowning:

True but since you’re taking the time to take pictures, and most digital still cams now have video too, why not get a few lines showing the action in all its glory? Yeah I know, the editing takes the most time, not the actual point 'n shoot part.:smiley: I still haven’t gotten around to editing what I shot at CMW! and I have some great footage on there!