A handmade spooner

I’ve just bought magura hs33, the standart bike lever isn’t comfortable to use on uni. Have anybody crafted something like Kris Holm spooner? Post pictures, please.

I used the KH starfighter. I had to do some filing on the brake lever but it works great.

Here’s my backyard spooner. It’s just a piece of Aluminium (Aluminum for you yankees) drilled and held on with zip ties. I’ve been using it for a couple of years doing Muni and have had no problems with it.



Mine is a welded spooner… it’s homemade but it can’t be made by anyone haha. I love it, it’s shaped like a spoon so my finger gets stuck in the middle of it. Way easier to hold in technical muni!



This is mine.
Two pieces of a PE cutting board, two brass threaded inserts and screws, shaped with saw, file and drill.
Because of the weight’s increase of the brake lever due to the spooner, I also have had to make a new return spring, the stock one was too weak and the lever tended to swing.
The original spring is made of a 0.7mm diameter wire, mine is of a 1mm wire and there are no more oscillations.

Coin + electrical tape.

That is simplicity and elegance. Great work!

Now that’s “change” we can believe in! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the best home brew spooner I’ve seen. How’s the feel?

I like the idea of changing coin size or stacking coins to get a specific feel. I may never use a star fighter again!

I can not compare it with anything, it’s my first spooner, but it feels awesome. However i will expiriment with other coins.

Finally a use for the British £5 coin!