60km on a 24"

Hey guys,

I just completed my first long haul yesterday traveling 60km on the highway with my 24" dx. I know this isn’t the ideal uni at all but it’s all I’ve got to work with right now so it did the trick.
The trip took 7 hours and I was doing it to raise money for cystic fibrosis.

Just wondering if anyone else has done something like this before?


I’m impressed!

I’ve been dooing 12 k a day for the rest of my days…


I’ve never gone that far on a 24" on roads but have off-road a few times on my KH24. Really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Great job! It’s always motivating to see others out there pushing their own personal limits!

Great job and for a good cause. Just out of curiosity are you still using the stock DX seat and tire?

I use my 06 DX as an everday smooth road ride, but have changed the tire to a hookworm and the seat to a KH Fusion Freeride. makes for a much better distance riding experience.

Wow! That’s a hell of a distance on a 24. :astonished:

Yes, that’s a looooooong ride for a 24"! My nearest experience was a 1980 March of Dimes charity ride of 75km which a friend and I did on giraffes with 20" wheels. But we had customized the giraffes to have close to a 2:1 gear ratio. That meant less pedaling, but they were pretty hard to control! We were the first to start and the last to finish. With way-painful crotch areas!

Congratulations on your fundraising, and for being someone that doesn’t use equipment as an excuse to not think big!

That’s a LOT of distance! How much money did you raise?

I’ve done a 40km ride on a 20". Very painful affair and everyone else was riding 24/26"s so that didn’t help much.

thanks everyone!

To Harley, yes I’m still on all the stock parts because it’s a relatively new uni and getting things where I’m at, I’m basically limited to just ordering online things which tend to take a while to ship.

And to flux, I was only a part in a wide campaign that raised over $32 000 for CF. My ride I think helped push people to raise more though.