6 stair lateback

Landed this today… Took a long time to commit but I landed it after my 2nd or 3rd commitment, but then got it clean around 6 tries later.

Well… here are your choices:



enjoy. comment. whatever.

Hot. Nice song too.

Good Job. I am impressed

Sweet, lateflips look so kool.

That looks really cool. Amazing stuff, keep it coming!

noice moves son




Has anyone ever done a double lateback(or foward)?

Loic has done a late doubleback.

Not going to lie that was one of the sickest tricks i have seen. Nice Job.

Lol damn. Another good rider I didn’t know about.

Lmao look at the people in the background at 3:25.

hahaha i saw those people gettin it on. that was funny

man pele, you have big beans to bust a late back on a 6. Those are so scary, i hate it when it decides not to flip haha.

good stuff man, cant wait for the double!

Yeah, that took a long time to commit too. I did many drops to get ready (many of the one in the beginning). Actually, in the middle (the first time i commited to the drop) I actually broke my seatpost and had to go back home and get a new one, which is why that is the only trick in that clip.

I like how everyone assumes I am working on a latedouble/latedoubleback… That’s not the case, but I guess I should start working on them :wink:
(I tried like 5 or 6 latedoublebacks today, should be simple off a small drop, I can flip 1.5 on flat)

maybe a bigger set? that never hurts right:), well…it might haha