6 months of riding

Here is my first vid marking six months of riding hope you enjoy and please comment.

pretty good video for only 6 months of riding… just a word of advice… don’t practice inside haha you could get hurt

haha thanks alot man and nice video thanks for the advice

Is that still stand real? I can’t imagine doing it without your cranks horizontal.

I admit half way through that i almost fell and grabed the ceiling but then regained conposure.

Thats pretty good for 6 months of riding.

Well just the angle of the camera makes me think its fake. You’ve certainly got still stands better then me though.:smiley:

Hahha thanks next time i will show my whole body but i am doing it out of my built in webcam in my computer so i can’t get the full body or the important part the bottom would be cut out so i thought that looked the best.

Some advice for sidehops:
Try to learn how to jump the opposite way to what you do at the moment, eg you jump to the right at them moment so you would want to try jumping to the left.
This is because at the moment you are jumping towards the hand that is holding the seat, once you start getting higher you wil find it is hard to balance on the the object you just jumped up, especially when you are tucked right down. If you learn how to jump the other way your free hand will help you balance when you are on the object you jumped to. It is best you learn this now while you are still learning, it would be annoying to get to arond 70cm and realise you have to change. I will find soome pictures of what I mean to show you.

EDIT : I forgot to say, nice video :slight_smile:

Heres what I mean

Without that hand he would have fallen over :slight_smile:

joe hodges tuck.jpg

Heres what I mean

Without that hand out there he would have fallen over :slight_smile:

joe hodges tuck.jpg

Thanks for the advice and ya if i wanted to i could have jumped up and stayed on but i wanted to jump up on every object but this will help when i get higher thanks a lot.

Nice vid

You should learn a new way to mount. Mounting horizontal and then having to idle before you can ride can be frustrating. Nice job for 5 months though, how old are you?

Good job with the video it! Keep up the good riding! My advice would be to get another camera so you can have different/better camera angles. Nice job.

Thank you for the comments, i know i should get a better camera soon, and i am 16.

Good skills for 6 mo. but the vid was too long and a bit repetitive IMO.

…and later in the vid it looked like you may have leaned against the wall for balance.

Yeah, you should always try to show your whole body and if because of the camera angle, people may think you grabed or leaned on something, find a different camera angle.

IMO if you needed some help by leaning on something, it’d be better to be obvious than to leave people wondering.

I didn’t finish watching it because it was too depressing… I’ve been riding for 7 months and can’t do anything like that… :frowning:

Pretty good dude. I wanted to use that song for my vid. Then again, I have been saying I’ll make one for the past year.

See it as inspiration. It’s not a race to get better than somebody else. It’s an activity of enjoyment, there is no reason to be sad.

To the rider in the vid-
As probably said, cut the prehops out. Become the smoothness.