540 unispin competition

i hold the seat exatly thw same as i do for 360s, although i know some people do it differently

but do you let go of the seat at all?

i start of spinng as normal…then let go, but i sort of follow the seat around with my hand.

I found the difference between 360s and 540s immense, but its well worth it.

good luck!

i´m in.
can i do it on grass?

i think so, as long as its flat ground

Expect a video from me today. I hope.

I’m excited. I can almost 5spin, and I can blind 5spin. haha

I will enter.

me and my brother (unipsyco) are in…

think it would be better if I OUK didn’t enter for me, so… I’m in!:):stuck_out_tongue:

Is it started? If not, when does it starts, I didn’t saw any dates here.

i’m in, but i don’t think i’ll start trying it until my new shin guards get here. i doubt i stand to much of a chance anyway but it’ll be fun to try.

yeah lol but i only tried for a couple of days.im a trials rider i cant do street for very long.Ive landed on the cranks before but then slipped off and im not sure if ill even bother trying for this comp

havn’t you already landed them?

just landed it!!!
i will post link when upload is finished.

Haven’t you landed one before?

http://vimeo.com/5306707 will took some time till it gets converted =(

btw: it was very sketchy, you can´t really see it in the vid, but i landed it with both legs right from the saddle xD

ps: i like comps :smiley:


is it alright that i has landed a 5spin on a 12"?? can i still stay in the comp??

i think it shall be allright because it is a hell of a lot harder on 19" or biger

Cool. We have a winner! :smiley:

so i can take the trophy now? i bet it´s gonna look cool :smiley: